Frank Vogel wants to try who at the point guard spot for the Suns?!

The Phoenix Suns need to think outside the box to make the playoffs, but head coach Frank Vogel's suggestion for point guard minutes could be a step too far.

Phoenix Suns v San Antonio Spurs
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If there is one question that may come to define the 2023-24 Phoenix Suns season, it will be why they didn't go out and get an established point guard to run this group. Devin Booker has done a fantastic job this season in trying to be just that - really this could be his best campaign as a pro - while Bradley Beal has stepped into the position more recently and excelled as well.

But with Booker and especially Beal - who currently has a sprained finger - missing time throughout what has been a long campaign, head coach Frank Vogel has often had to cobble together a rotation at the guard position to get by. The signing of Isaiah Thomas a great moment for him personally, but also a stark reminder of the limitations of a roster with three star players on max money.

You can't blame coach Vogel for trying to think outside the box with this problem, but his latest suggestion might just be a step too far.

Vogel himself said after the 10-day signing of Thomas that he was there for depth, and that he would only be used if Booker or Beal were either in foul trouble in a game, or forced to miss more time through injury. Only Beal is currently listed as questionable with a finger sprain he said "hurt like hell" in the moment, yet coach Vogel thinks David Roddy could be the answer for some back minutes.


"Just prioritizing rotational guys we had. Josh Okogie and David Roddy, and I've got to find out if those guys can play part-time point guard if it's called for in a pinch."

Head coach Frank Vogel

Coach Vogel was speaking with Duane Rankin of The Arizona Republic when he made that statement, although this was in relation to Thomas not playing when the Suns have had substancial leads in games. Instead, the plan according to the head coach is to see if either Okogie or Roddy can play a couple of minutes running the show.

In a vacuum, there is nothing wrong with that comment. Having different looks to throw at opponents - especially in a playoff series - isn't just a way of trying to be cute to get ahead, it is a necessity if you plan on playing all the way into June. Whatever about Okogie setting the table for a few minutes, you can just about see that happening with the help of Kevin Durant and Jusuf Nurkic.

But Roddy? A guy who was only brought over at the trade deadline, is a forward and who has played 49 minutes (3.8 per game) across 13 total so far for the organization? Surely if you're trying to win a championship, this is absolutely not the route to take. If you're a rebuilding team then no problem, and the San Antonio Spurs have tried something similar with Jeremy Sochan this season.

You know, that same Spurs team that has only won 16 games, yet has somehow beat the Suns three times. You could argue the case for trying to do this both if the Suns were playing with house money at this stage of the regular season, and if Roddy has shown any sort of inclination that he could run the show in small doses.

Neither of those things have happened - and at 22-years-old and with the season on the line - the idea of even trying this experiment at a crucial juncture appears misguided. The Suns have one of the toughest remaining schedules left to play, and a former All-Star in Thomas sitting on the bench collecting dust.

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Whatever your thoughts on the Thomas signing - and really they could have gotten a younger and more capable guy if they'd really wanted - he is at least a veteran who teammates respond well to and who has a lot of experience in the league. He can also take care of the ball, another glaring issue for the team this season.

Even if nothing comes of this and Roddy is never used in that way, for coach Vogel to even suggest this is just strange. In no way is this a dig at him either, we voted him the Suns' MVP for the third-quarter of the season. But if that is the best he can muster ahead of the postseason, then this franchise might be in worse trouble than we thought...