3 players Suns should consider drafting in second round of 2024 NBA Draft

Phoenix has another chance to add a stud.
USC v Arizona
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The Phoenix Suns managed to come away from the first round of the 2024 NBA Draft with a fairly impressive prospect in their grasp, as they brought on an elite perimeter defender in Virginia forward Ryan Dunn. Phoenix was able to acquire Dunn after trading down with the Denver Nuggets.

The Suns got one more chance to add a role player to the mix, as they acquired the No. 56 overall pick in the draft from Denver in this deal.

If the Suns don't end up kicking that pick down the road in an attempt to get more future assets, there's a good chance that Phoenix ends up adding a role player who will be acclimated to the professional game quote early. Of the many surprising first-round slides, these three stand out as the best possible fits for the Suns.

3 players Phoenix Suns should consider drafting in second round of 2024 NBA Draft

1. Justin Edwards, SF/SG, Kentucky

Edwards was a top recruit who never quite got it going at Kentucky. Perhaps having to share the ball with two top-eight picks in Reed Sheppard and Rob Dillingham stifled his growth. Getting a fresh start as a bench player in Phoenix could be exactly what he needs.

Edwards has tremendous defensive intensity, and his athleticism is off the charts. On a thin Suns bench that needs all the help it can get to support its star trio, Edwards is a perfect high-upside flier at this point in the draft.

2. Adem Bona, C, UCLA

The lack of size and rim protection from Phoenix was one of the main reasons they flamed out in the playoffs, and Bona remains one of the best two-way big men available. While the Suns may need to move up slightly from 56 to get him, his talent is well worth the extra investment.

Bona made 62% of his attempts in college and blocked just under two shots per game in his time with the Bruins, making him more pro-ready than most toolsy big men who fall into this range. Given Phoenix's depth here, Bona could contribute during his rookie season.

3. Bronny James, PG, USC

The Bronny rumors are not going away anytime soon. Mat Ishbia loves getting stars, Phoenix is one of the few teams Rich Paul would even let James communicate with, and the need for a defense-first point guard is still there. If anywhere is a good fit for Bronny, Phoenix is it.

James is very raw as an offensive player, as he needs to show that his jumper is worth investing in. If he can do that, his motor and defense will be enough to carry him toward a respectable pro career as the Suns try to push back to relevancy.

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