What Bronny James would bring to the Phoenix Suns

The Phoenix Suns will likely have the chance to draft Bronny James, and he could actually bring something to this group.
USC v Arizona
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Bronny James is expected to be the talk of the 2024 NBA Draft, despite being a late second round projected pick. The son of Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James has been generating a lot of interest, with the Phoenix Suns and Lakers showing the most interest for the former USC guard.

James worked out with the Phoenix Suns weeks ago, and according to Duane Rankin of the Arizona Republic, he had a "strong workout" for the team which involved a number of drills, with a main focus on shooting.

Bronny underwhelmed during his lone year at USC, averaging 4.8 points, 2.8 rebounds, and 2.1 assists per game and shooting below 30% from beyond the arc.

While it was thought the young guard may go undrafted, his stock has risen since the draft combines.

Bronny has shown great vertical in the draft combine, having the sixth highest vertical in the NBA Draft Combine and showing great range from the three point arc. He has also received praise from many outlets, including Los Angeles Clippers star Paul George who recently compared him to NBA champion Jrue Holiday and talked the young prospect's upside on his podcast:

""What's more impressive is just his basketball savviness. His basketball IQ. He can do it all. I feel like he hasn't shown that he can really be elite at a lot of things. But I think he can be elite at a lot of things.""

Paul George

Bronny certainly has the ability to be a glue guy and a good shooter/defender for any team that picks him up. However, workouts suggest that the race is down to LeBron James' Los Angeles Lakers and the Suns, as Bronny has refused to work out with any other teams.

While it may seem like Bronny would be merely a bench warmer and role player for any team when he is first drafted, the potential is there for him to develop into a solid piece for a contending team. Bronny's capabilities and potential would make him a great piece for the Suns to compliment players such as Kevin Durant and Devin Booker.

Besides play on the court, Bronny would also bring in massive revenue due to being the son of LeBron James. Every fan and media outlet is interested to see how his career will unfold based on name alone, bringing a lot of coverage to any team that he plays for. This would mean the Suns get a revenue boost and a lot of media coverage.

It could also help the Suns new G-League affiliate. The Valley Suns will play their first season in the 2024-25 season, with the team already sporting a solid playing group. With Bronny in need of some development, it would be likely he could spend some time on the G-League team. This would be a massive boost in popularity for the Suns G-League team in its inaugral season, bringing instant interest and revenue to the squad.

The elephant in the room also cannot be ignored as well. With Bronny being the son of arguable greatest player of all-time, his mere presence on the team would be beneficial as it could aid in forming a superteam that could rival the Kevin Durant era with the Golden State Warriors. LeBron has always wanted to play with his son, making this clear many times in the past.

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What if Phoenix drafting Bronny sees LeBron James follow his son to Phoenix to team up with former rival Kevin Durant and Devin Booker. This superteam consisting of LeBron, Durant, Booker and Bradley Beal would be a monster and almost instant favorite to win it all.

LeBron may even sign at a discount due to his son playing with the team. A pairing of Durant and LeBron would be out of this world, considering the pair were considered the top two greatest players in the league at a certain point in the mid 2010s.

With that said, Bronny getting drafted to the team obviously holds a number of positives for Phoenix based on himself as a player, but also his marketability. Bronny's potential is immense and being the son of LeBron James will also add to Phoenix's intrigue and the young prospect's benefit to the team.