Phoenix Suns fans need to learn to forgive and forget

James Jones Phoenix Suns (Photo by Barry GossageNBAE via Getty Images)
James Jones Phoenix Suns (Photo by Barry GossageNBAE via Getty Images) /

It is easy to live in the past, and for Phoenix Suns fans, that past can hurt. However, fans need to forgive and forget the past and look forward to the future.

Phoenix Suns fans and the world are used to having to forgive and forget. Things that help us forget the recent disasters in our lives come in forms of tiny bite-sized gummy bears, 44-ounce styrofoam cups filled with whatever helps you sleep, late-night three-hour phone calls to your best friend, or even overstaying your welcome at a couples game night and eventually passing out next to their three oversized dogs for comfort.

Suns fans have run up the credit card bill on useless things trying to buy back their feelings over the past seven years. It is time to let things go and time to start investing in blind romance. The most recent interview with Earl Watson giving insight on what might have happened before the 2017 draft is another photo left on the mantle at home showing your trip from 1997 when you and your ex-lover first met.

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We need stories in the NBA to bridge the gap until basketball is back but not these stories. These stories will tear us apart again. In the past, stories like this would have me arriving on horseback covered in purple and orange armor, ready to defend the honor of an organization that may be failing but always seems to have a bright future.

For example, choosing between Dragan Bender or Marquese Chriss as who will become the next…no, nevermind. I won’t even go there.

There was a time where this all made sense, but it is too painful to venture back there. I never trusted a General Manager more than Ryan McDonough, but looking back I was slightly off.

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Now, I have the same conflicting interest in James Jones. I have my reason and I am sure you have yours, but he is the right choice to lead us to the promised land.

Do you know when you peer into a puddle of water outside your house finding the reflection of someone looking down on themselves? Then a car splashes you in the face and a man screams, “Get out of the road!”?

Yeah, that has never happened to me either but imagine that man is James Jones trying to wake you up from a past that has scarred you. Now rip off that scar and make your way to Circle K for some gummy bears and a big gulp to hold you over until the ball is tipped once again. Then it will be another wishful year.

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