NBA insider guarantees Suns’ rival won’t make blockbuster trade

This offseason, and even the back half of last season, we saw the Phoenix Suns take their roster to a whole new level as they made two blockbuster trades. They traded for Kevin Durant, one of the greatest scorers of all time, and they traded for Bradley Beal, who led the league in scoring a few seasons ago.

That propelled them into a different stratosphere regarding getting back to a team that is the team to beat like they were a few seasons ago.

This offseason, we have been hearing rumors of one of the Suns’ biggest rivals trying to make a blockbuster trade to propel their team as well. This team is trying to stay with the Suns, but according to an NBA insider, it won’t happen.

The Los Angeles Clippers have tried to trade for James Harden, and that’s where Harden wants to go. However, it won’t happen.

“They tried to trade for James Harden, and that deal didn’t happen, and from what I understand, it was the Clippers who said, ‘Ok, there’s no deal here, and we’re going to move on,'” Brian Windhorst said (h/t Basketball Network).

Windhorst is one of the biggest inside guys when it comes to NBA rumors and news. If he says it isn’t going to happen, then it likely won’t happen, which is nothing but good news for the Suns.

Think about the roster the Clippers have had. When healthy, they are one of the best teams in the league. Paul George and Kahwi Leonard’s only weakness is their inability to stay healthy. They do not have a gap in their game. Then you add James Harden to that, who has been healthy the last year, and it would get scary.

I’d still like the Suns odds in a seven-game series, but that would definitely make it harder.