Monty Williams thinks the Phoenix Suns would do well in expanded playoff

Phoenix Suns, Monty Williams (Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images)
Phoenix Suns, Monty Williams (Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images) /

Monty Williams spoke about how he’d welcome the idea of an expanded playoff if play resumes and how if that happens, his Phoenix Suns could beat anyone in the league.

Spencer Dinwiddie was one of the first to bring the idea to public light, and since then, others have spun up creative twists to the notion, but a 26 to 30 team tournament to resume NBA play would not only give the Phoenix Suns more games to play, but they would also be meaningful.

I’m highly skeptical it is going to happen, but I’ve killed many buzzes before only to be proven thankfully wrong, so there’s definitely hope.

Here’s the dilemma with not only the NBA but society: if all you care about is health, then the season should be outright canceled and next season should not resume until there is a vaccine.

If you care primarily about resuming play, then start up some kind of modified playoff or regular season play as early as possible with the full understanding that players and/or staff will get infected with COVID-19.

The answer, like most things, is somewhere in the middle, but trying to figure out exactly where is a balancing act that is anyone’s best guess. I do not envy Adam Silver (or the governors) who have to make this decision.

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If they do opt for modified playoffs where every team gets a shot, Monty Williams thinks his Phoenix Suns could do well.

On Sirius XM radio (remember when that was borderline futuristic?), Monty said:

"“If it came down to [a playoff with everyone], what a great opportunity for a team like us…we know we can beat any team in the league, we’ve done that.”"

He went on to talk about how well his guys have improved this season, specifically calling out the potent lineup of Rubio, Booker, Oubre, Bridges, and Ayton.

If play does resume, it’ll be at the Madhouse on McDowell, which would add an extra layer of amazing, even though no fans would likely be allowed inside to see it.

In our uber-scientific Twitter poll, just under half of the fans who participated wanted to see play resume this season if it meant a delay in the start of next season. However, if next season is going to be delayed anyway (and I’m beginning to think it will), the league may as well salvage what they can, and an expanded playoff would be incredible.

Again, I’m glad it’s not me making these decisions. There is no right answer in all this.

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