The Phoenix Suns will need Tyson Chandler to be key reserve next season

HOUSTON, TX - JANUARY 28: Chris Paul
HOUSTON, TX - JANUARY 28: Chris Paul /

The Phoenix Suns will need to make major changes, including having Tyson Chandler as a reserve, if the franchise wants to be in the playoffs next season.

Phoenix Suns‘ fans have had to endure the mediocre play this season for the chance of success next season. The franchise has to make several important alterations to the roster, as well as the coaching staff, if they are to make a postseason appearance next year. One of the more underrated, but very important of these moves would be shifting Tyson Chandler to a role coming off the bench.

Scott Bordow of azcentral quoted Chandler’s believes that the Suns could be a playoff team, if the club makes the right transactions. One of those moves has to have Chandler coming off bench. Starting off with the two most obvious reasons why Chandler needs to be a reserve next season is the fact that he’s 35-years old this season and isn’t getting any younger. Unless a player’s name is LeBron James, an increase in age means a decrease in production. That’s clearly the case with Chandler.

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Chandler’s not the shot blocker he once was and to continue him starting won’t provide the elite rim defense the Suns need to have to be in the playoffs next season. Having a bench role would help him stay productive for longer in several ways. As a reserve he will have less minutes and will be going up against weaker competition in most games. Both of those factors will help him to continue to make an important impact with the Suns next year. While Chandler isn’t quite the impactful defensive player he once was, he would be a solid defensive anchor for the Suns’ second unit next year.

If Chandler is next year’s starter, it means the Suns failed to either draft a big man in the first round or to sign an impactful center in free agency. If that were to happen then Suns’ owner Robert Sarver should question the ability of Ryan McDonough as the team’s general manager. For the Suns’ sake they should hope McDonough drafts a young center prospect in the first round. If he does, then Chandler would be the perfect mentor for him coming off the bench.

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Chandler could be one of the most impactful players off the bench next season for the Phoenix Suns, if the organization makes the correct moves to improve the franchise. The move to the bench would benefit Chandler and the Suns next season. Moving Chandler to the bench in the 2018-2019 season should show Suns’ fans that the franchise is moving in the right direction.