Which Suns will pick up their player option for 2024-25?

The Phoenix Suns have four players who have a player option on their deals ahead of 2024-25, but which ones will pick them up and come back?
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2. Drew Eubanks

Backup center Drew Eubanks is the one player that the Suns would likely be happy if he decided to walk away from his final year in The Valley. Which is exactly why it is highly unlikely to happen. Eubanks began the season looking like a steal for the organization, but the reality was a great deal more sobering.

He's not big enough or physically strong enough inside the paint to take the starting spot from Jusuf Nurkic, while Durant represents and altogether different and more talented look when he plays the five. Which left Eubanks kind of in no man's land, and his inability to do any one thing outside of work his tail off really well exposed in the playoffs.

Maybe the Suns look to the draft or abroad to replace Eubanks as the backup big for next season, and in doing so perhaps have him spend some time at the four. He's nowhere near consistent enough as a shooter - but in some defensive-minded lineups - he could make some sense there.

His failure to really fit with a team with high ambitions is exactly why he'll be in a Suns' uniform in 2024-25, because he needs to rehab his image before he can even think of getting another contract elsewhere. It would be harsh to say that this could be Eubanks' final season in the league - but if it goes the way last season did - offers will be hard to come by. A definite opt-in.