The 3 most disappointing players for the Phoenix Suns this season

The Phoenix Suns needed all of their players to pull their weight this season to succeed, and these were the three biggest disappointments.

Phoenix Suns v Milwaukee Bucks
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2. Yuta Watanabe

This list is not limited to players who are still on the roster, which is why Yuta Watanabe makes the cut. In fact he was so bad for the Suns this season that head coach Frank Vogel had no choice but to dump him at the trade deadline, and he is a guy who thinks David Roddy could get some spot minutes at point guard.

It just never happened for Watanabe in The Valley - although given that Bol Bol somehow revived his ailing career with this team - it is not immediately clear why. Watanabe shot 44.4 percent from deep last season with the Brooklyn Nets, and arrived to the Suns with a glowing report from Kevin Durant. The two having shared together in New York.

Watanabe was also in possession of a large frame and a willingness to just stand in the corner and shoot the 3-pointers that were always going to come his way. Perhaps Beal being out so much had a negative knock-on impact on Watanabe's role? Maybe Allen became so good and so crucial to the starting group, that Watanabe became an afterthought?

In reality both of those factors played a part, but so too did his own glaring lack of confidence out on the court. Maybe coach Vogel never believed in him, and the 13.2 minutes in only 29 games played would appear to back that up. Shooting 32 percent from deep on a career high 2.6 attempts per night though? It doesn't get much more disappointing than that for the Suns.