3 teams the Phoenix Suns should look to avoid in the playoffs

The Phoenix Suns have an uphill battle to make the playoffs this year but if they can manage that, these are the teams they should be looking to avoid.

Phoenix Suns v Los Angeles Clippers
Phoenix Suns v Los Angeles Clippers / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages
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The road to the playoffs has never been easy, and the Phoenix Suns are starting to get the taste of the intensity of the upcoming postseason. The Suns have seven games left in the regular season, and it won't be an easy conclusion to their campaign. They have one of the grittiest remaining schedules in the NBA, as they play against some of the top teams from both conferences.

The Suns are still in the Play-In zone as the eighth seed, despite the heroics of Devin Booker in their previous game. Booker had 52 points against the New Orleans Pelicans, which gave them a 124-111 win. Their season series isn't over, as they'll meet for the final time on April 7 to complete the sweep.

The intensity of their final seven games this season will affect how they perform for this year's postseason. Given that the team will exert more effort to qualify for the playoffs, this could mean that matching up against a strong contender could ruin a deep playoff run.

Hypothetically, if the Suns secure a playoff spot, their matchups in any round will be a crucial concern. Whether it's the first round or if they advance to the second round, it will affect their chances of contending for a title. Of course, these potential matchups couldn't be avoided, as they depend on where a team finishes their season. But exploring why the Arizona-based team should avoid playing some teams in a seven-game series is a must.

Looking at how the 2024 NBA Playoffs could play out, there are three teams that Phoenix should avoid. 

3. Minnesota Timberwolves

The Minnesota Timberwolves have secured the second spot in the Western Conference standings with a 52-23 record. As the second-best team in the West, they've surprised plenty of fans with how they've performed this season. Many weren't expecting the Wolves to emerge as threats after their disappointing 2022-23 campaign. But they've managed to make things work and now have the best defense in the league.

Against the Suns, they've only played them once this season, and it ended in a 133-115 loss. Despite the loss, they're still a team that could be a threat to Phoenix. They have Anthony Edwards, one of the best young stars, and Rudy Gobert, a towering defensive center. Aside from the two x-factors of the team, Karl-Anthony Towns is also a significant contributor to their success.

Has Minnesota overachieved? Yes, but they've got enough firepower to prove that they've earned their success this season. A healthy Wolves team could hinder the Suns' title aspirations.