3 former Suns players who have excelled since their departure

The Phoenix Suns have lost plenty of notable players in pursuit of a "Big 3" and a championship, with these three having really excelled elsewhere.
Phoenix Suns v Golden State Warriors
Phoenix Suns v Golden State Warriors / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages
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The 2022-23 Phoenix Suns were an interesting bunch that worked well together to contend for a title. Although their efforts in the postseason were lackluster, the group will still be remembered for what they reached.

However, even with their upside as a team, they were disbanded as the front office wanted to build a win-now team around Devin Booker. It's almost been a year since the roster from the previous roster played their final game together. With that said, it's interesting to look at how the players from the past have played for their new teams. 

Since last season, there are only five players left from the team's past roster. The rest of the group from the previous season have either been traded or signed with a different team in free agency. The Suns' front office quickly moved on from that group and constructed a new one around Booker and Kevin Durant.

Playing for a new team has never been easy, but a few players from the previous Suns roster have lived up to their expectations.

Now playing for different organizations, there are players from the past Suns team who have excelled. Even though they're under a new system, they've performed better than their stint with Phoenix. But not everyone has been outstanding with their new teams. That is why I've narrowed it down to three players who have flourished in their new teams.