Phoenix Suns unveil new court design for 2023-24 season

The Phoenix Suns are now in a new era, where they have just two players remaining from that 2020-21 NBA Finals team, with Devin Booker and Deandre Ayton still holding it down.

This new era means the team is heading back into the win-now mode, which they never really left, but the dominant starting lineup gives more clarification for that sentiment.

The Suns have always been a team that gives the fans what they want, regardless of whether the team is competing. They always deliver on uniform and court designs, making the fans believe they have the best of both worlds every season.

Their new alternate uniforms called ‘El Valle’ are absolutely amazing. They feature a little history and culture but a modern scheme as well, and the fans already love them just based on the way the leaks have come out. Something that is official, though, is the new design of the courts, and they look sweet.

The Suns waited until NBA 2K24 came out, but nonetheless, the two versions of the Phoenix Suns 2023-24 home court look amazing. The first court, their standard design, looks very similar to last season but instead features purple keys instead of orange like they were last season.

In 2022-23, the outside around the court was purple; this upcoming season, it will be black and fade into purple. The new version features the same Suns logo at the center court. This is the court they will use the most, but they also unveiled a different design they will use with the alternate jerseys.

Last season, the Suns unveiled a Tribal-inspired design for their alternate court design to accompany their blue Tribal-inspired uniforms. This season, it’s similar to the “core court,” but instead of the Sun in the middle of the court, it’s “PHX” in black with an orange outline.

There are plenty of things to be excited about moving forward, and these two court designs are just part of it.