Phoenix Suns want a Power-Forward – who’s the answer?

Phoenix Suns, Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Phoenix Suns, Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) /

With 14 players currently contracted heading into next season, the Phoenix Suns still have one more player they can add to their roster for 2022-23.

A lot has been made of the Suns need for further point-guard depth behind Chris Paul and Cameron Payne, however it’s a different position they’re reportedly keen on bolstering.

The Phoenix Suns reportedly want another power-forward on the roster, but is their actually a suitable option for them on the free-agent market?

According to John Gambadoro of Arizona Sports, the Suns have identified the need for another power-forward in the wake of Kevin Durant’s decision to remain with the Brooklyn Nets.

The peculiar thing here is the words ‘post-up power forward’…does such a thing exist in the modern NBA? The Suns options on the free agent market for such a player are, well, incredibly slim.

Even the general list of remaining forwards doesn’t make for great reading. If you haven’t been signed by this point of the offseason, then there’s probably, withstanding the Durant circus, a good reason as to why that’s the case.

Sure, there are some big name players available, but realistically they’re all aging shells of their former selves. Carmelo Anthony may top the list of players that fit the bill that Gambadoro is referring to. He isn’t the same player who made a living from the mid-range and post-up area though, rather strictly a streaky three-point shooter with questionable defense to put it kindly.

Then there’s other older players who were once power-forwards but now, due to their physical decline and the league’s modern style, are pigeonholed as centers. This includes recent former Nets players in LaMarcus Aldridge, Blake Griffin and Paul Millsap.

Miles Bridges is unsigned but that’ll remain the same for a while as his situation plays out, not that Phoenix could afford him anyway. The best available option is probably former Sun Markieff Morris who, at 32 years of age, may still have something to give despite a serious neck injury following an altercation with Nikola Jokic early last season.

The unlikely Phoenix Suns player shaping as a must in next season’s rotation. dark. Next

The point is that it’s a pretty barren crop, plus you’d have to question the Suns positional priority anyway if Gambadoro’s report is true. If Phoenix do indeed want to add to their forward depth, they may need to do so via trade or wait for a potential buyout candidate.