Every Phoenix Suns Uniform Concept Ahead the 2022-23 Season

Phoenix Suns. Mandatory Credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports
Phoenix Suns. Mandatory Credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports /

When they were printing out the 2021-22 season’s jerseys, the NBA must have run out of ink right before getting to the Phoenix Suns.

Minus the Utah Jazz, every NBA team other than the Suns received new “city edition” uniforms last season. Although Phoenix’s “Valley” threads were a welcome sight in their return, blatantly recycling them still felt like a lazy move from the league.

However, with us now moving onto the 2022-23 season, one can assume the Suns are first in line to receive new uniforms after formerly being left out.

While waiting for their release though, multiple sources came forward with leaked designs of the jerseys we might actually see this coming season. At the same time, some fan-made uniform concepts have circulated online as well.

Phoenix Suns Leaked Jersey Concepts for the 2022-23 Season

Before getting into some jersey designs we might want to see, we should begin with some that we could see. Although everything remains unconfirmed by the team and league at this point, the following designs leaked from outside sources are worth your consideration.

Phoenix Suns Teal Blue Concept

Somewhat similar to the Miami Heat’s “Miami Vice” jerseys, the Suns might look to add some flare to their look this coming season with this teal blue concept. This jersey, along with the next three that follow, was leaked by Skuwong32 on Twitter, who previously leaked additional Suns uniform information that was backed by SportsLogos.net and their sources.

The uniform’s look is similar to Phoenix’s past “Statement” jerseys of course minus the coloring. The teal blue jumps out at you immediately and finds a nice contrast with the black logo/number design. The Orange outline along the sides adds some pop as well.

While this design does not exactly scream “Phoenix Suns” unlike the throwback uniforms we’ll get into next, it is impossible to miss and quite unique.

Phoenix Suns Throwback Concept

Beside the teal uniforms we find a throwback concept in the above tweet. Riddled with nostalgia, the design takes us right back to the Charles Barkley days and into the late 90s. It also includes the famous “shooting sun” logo and a purple background.

There’s not much else to unpack here, as the team will simply bring back something we’ve already seen. However, these uniforms resemble arguably the team’s best in franchise history and a look well worth another go. The team did tease this uniform’s return this morning with this post.

Phoenix Suns Jordan Brand Concept

Also coming from the aforementioned source, this design features the Jordan Brand logo and an all-black background. Big “PHX” letters stretch across the middle somewhat resembling Phoenix’s “Statement” jerseys for the 2017-18 season, worn by Kelly Oubre Jr. and Devin Booker during his third NBA season.

The leaked image shows some original Suns colors but blended together in something of a creamsicle look along the uniform’s margins and inside the numbers. Quite frankly, they feel like the “Valley” jerseys but mashed up and then put back together.

SunsUniTracker put together a high-resolution look at this jersey and the others mentioned before, illustrating the team’s full wardrobe for the 2022-23 season by adding in Phoenix’s returning purple and white threads.

Phoenix Suns Fan Made Concepts for the 2022-23 Season

We have no reason to believe the Suns will feature these next uniforms during the upcoming season. However, they did stand out to us as exciting concepts worth another look.

Phoenix Suns City of Phoenix Concept

Earlier this summer, Trevor Paxton put together these maroon threads based on Phoenix’s city flag. The design is also meant to resemble the Phoenix Financial Center, or the “Punchcard Building,” with dashes along its sides that match the structure’s unique look.

While it is a bit kinder on the eyes, this design is similar to the teal blue one in that it does not exactly scream “Phoenix Suns” at you. However, it’s clean and clearly pays enough homage to the city of Phoenix with its other characteristics to be worn by the Suns.

Paxton also came up with this “Original” edition Suns uniform concept this summer which also carries a unique and smooth look.

Phoenix Suns Monsoon Season Edition

These uniforms via FreckledMamba on Twitter are nothing short of exceptional. The desert-shaped silhouette represents the area and the grey, moon coloring around it is both ominous and tough looking.

Its colors of grey and black have been featured in Suns jerseys before, so this design walks the thin line of giving us a new look while not betraying the team’s originality. It also brings back the “Valley” wordmark from the last two seasons which I’ve yet to hear any complaints about.

Phoenix Suns NBA Refresh Concept

If you’re looking to make a flashy jersey design, having orange as your team’s primary color is a significant asset. Casey Vitelli of NBA Uniform Tracker recognized that with the Suns here, coming up with this “NBA Refresh” look.

These jerseys stick with an all-orange background much like the team’s previous “Statement” edition jerseys but appear just a shade darker. We get the “Valley” wordmark once more and what looks like a smaller version of the “Valley” jersey’s gradient design along the side.

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These threads might not take as big a risk as some of the aforementioned ones, but less is often more when it comes to new uniforms. These jerseys are sharp and would do well to represent the team if brought on.