Phoenix Suns: Ranking the Top 10 Uniforms of the Last 25 Years

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Often decorated with purple, orange, and white, the Phoenix Suns always put together both flashy and fun NBA uniforms to dazzle fans with. Their threads not only attract Arizona natives, but also countless others across the globe—whether infatuated with basketball or not.

From Phoenix’s iconic “fireball” jerseys reflecting the Barkley era, all the way up to their more recent “city edition” jerseys, the Suns continue to keep up with modern trends, while simultaneously embracing their own rich tradition. This creative mentality turned Phoenix’s uniforms from just a basketball outfit, into something anyone can make a full-blown fashion statement with.

But specifically across the last 25 years, the Suns have hit the hardwood sporting several different uniforms looking a tad bit sharper than the rest. Of course everyone has their own favorites though. Your OGs probably miss the uniforms with fatter lettering and mid-length shorts to complete that 90s aesthetic, your millennials like the shiny and baggy look from the early 2000s, while our younger fans prefer the artistry coming with today’s styles.

Visualizing these different concepts from different seasons brings back strong feelings pertaining to the past as well. You can bet that if you come across a “Valley” jersey 10 years from now, all the exciting feelings from Phoenix’s recent run to the NBA Finals will come back and hit you like a brick.

But across it all, some outfits which the Suns paraded around on game day looked undeniably special, no matter where your personal preferences lie. Fulling giving into this black hole of nostalgia, these ten uniforms from the last quarter century deserve another look.

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