Why the Phoenix Suns Will be the Best in the West This Season

Phoenix Suns. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports
Phoenix Suns. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports /

Coming off of a highly successful season and free agency period, the Phoenix Suns are primed to be the best team in the West. With a mix of chemistry, talent, and new blood, the Suns will finish first in the Western Conference, surpassing themselves from last year.

The Phoenix Suns have great chemistry

Phoenix’s chemistry remains impeccable. The ball is constantly moving with Devin Booker and Chris Paul being two of the most unselfish stars in the league. They both combined for 13.2 assists per game last year.

Not only that, but this team just went through the wringer. This squad won challenging games together, but also took a brutal loss in the NBA Finals. The Suns have a brotherhood, and it will be showcased all season long with leadership from both CP3 and Monty Williams.

The Phoenix Suns talent pool is among the best in the league

The Suns have talent all throughout their roster. They possess a star backcourt in Booker and Paul, allow Deandre Ayton to man the five, and have Mikal Bridges as an elite, two-way wing. Add Jae Crowder into the starting five as the perfect 3-and-D compliment, this group matches up well against anyone.

The Phoenix Suns will improve

The Suns saw a drastic difference in their regular season performances compared to their postseason ones last year.

During the regular season, Ayton often looked out of place and uncomfortable. However, in the playoffs, he became a unmistakable force. The young star dominated the glass and made his presence at the opponent’s rim well known. Ayton even held his own against some of the league’s best bigs, and teams could not use him as a mismatch.

Compare Ayton to a big like Rudy Gobert, who was exposed vs a small lineup against the Los Angeles Clippers. When Ayton faced the Clippers though, a small lineup became impossible to field with him being the more adept offensive player. I expect to see playoff Ayton this season and make some noise for an All-Star appearance.

Watch for Bridges to improve this season as well. The former Villanova Wildcat is a great defender, and can shoot the 3-pointer extremely well. But if Bridges can develop a tighter handle, he can showcase his jumper more often, get more looks driving to the rim, and generally take his play to another level.

Bridges’ mid-range shooting is severely underrated as well, and with a tighter handle, Bridges can average at least 18.0 points per game this season.

The Phoenix Suns can beat the competition

Yes, the Los Angeles Lakers have the star power. However, in the past, teams with unknown chemistry have taken a while to get rolling. LeBron James-led teams, in particular, have a history of starting slow, such as the 2015 Cleveland Cavaliers and the 2019 Lakers.

With them both coming off injury-filled seasons, the Lakers will also likely give James and Anthony Davis rest this season, which factors into their chemistry with the team’s newer pieces. On the other hand, the Suns will come flying out of the gates this season, which will give them the edge over the Lakers.

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This mix of talent and chemistry will make the Suns better than all their inter-conference foes. The Utah Jazz also appear comparable to the Phoenix, but the Valley Boys have a better roster at their core, and will beat them as well for the top seed.