Phoenix Suns: 7 best Devin Booker comments

Phoenix Suns, Devin Booker (Photo by Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports)
Phoenix Suns, Devin Booker (Photo by Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports) /

Devin Booker and the Phoenix Suns close out the first-half schedule on Thursday night at home against the Golden State Warriors, but his words spoken Wednesday were still resonating.

The news that neither Steph Curry nor Draymond Green traveled to Phoenix for the game is, ultimately, a good thing for the Suns.

Tougher to answer for Suns fans has been whether Booker should consider the damage he could do to his team if he can’t manage the risk of being ejected. And, yes, the officials are way too eager with the whistle.

This season has been a pleasant surprise for Phoenix Suns fans, but Devin Booker clearly carries a chip on his shoulder as the All-Star break arrives.

Booker, the Western Conference Player of the Month for February, addressed the quick-trigger double-T ejection in Los Angeles during the third quarter of Tuesday’s Suns-Lakers game and seemed to underscore the importance of maintaining focus.

“I just couldn’t believe such a high-intense game, and an important game, that it would come to that — that quickly,” Booker said of the fireworks from Tuesday.

What he meant was: “Enough. What am I supposed to do? It’s pretty clear I don’t get the calls my similarly talented colleagues get, so do I just ignore it? I mean, LeBron said I’m disrespected, my teammates and coaches have my back, but it just seems the refs don’t like me.”

Booker: “Helps to know if things go south — hopefully not in that manner again — that you have a full team behind you ready to keep competing.”

What he meant was: “The officials may not be on board with the Phoenix Suns’ quick rise in the standings — and they definitely don’t like me — but Jae Crowder, Chris Paul, Mikal Bridges, Cam Johnson, Deandre Ayton, Dario Saric and everybody on this team knows how to react. And they know the refs give me a ridiculously short leash.”

So, did Booker run off a collection of next-level expletives, adorned with a thinly veiled personal attack on these thin-skinned referees? I mean, Booker is infamous for his ability to artistically unwind an almost-poetic string of profanities.

Booker: “I’ve heard worse things and seen worse things said during (less) important games and nothing was done about it. I’m kinda past the situation.”

What he meant was: “Oh, I’m not past the situation. I carry a grudge like no one else. I’m just trying to find a way to make my point without hurting my team again. I’m only 25 years old.”

Booker on his confidence in this Suns team: “I don’t see them falling apart. This isn’t one of those teams. We got real hoopers all the way through. These guys can hoop. Everybody in this gym can hoop. I can truthfully say that.”

What he meant was: “Seriously, even Frank Kaminsky can hoop.”

Devin Booker is dialed in as the Suns prepare to host Golden State in an attempt to finish the first-half schedule 24-11 and No. 2 in the Western Conference.

Booker: “I know that wasn’t the best situation for me to be in, but i don’t think a Mikal Bridges or a Cam Johnson had a frown on their face once I went out of the game. That’s more opportunity … and they grew.”

What he meant was: “I really, really, really can’t stand the double standard that the officials are applying to me. Have I mentioned that? I mean, the refs — and maybe the NBA — seem to have a ‘F*** Booker’ agenda. But I really appreciate the ability of Mikal and Cam to step up and take control. We’re good.”

Booker loves his veteran additions: “(Chris Paul) makes sure all five guys are in the right place at the right time. … (Jae Crowder) being honest with people and having those conversations is something that (he’s) not scared to do, and that helps our team improve.”

What he meant was: “I can’t wait for the playoffs. Hope the officials don’t bring their ‘We hate Book’ agenda to the postseason.”

The Phoenix Suns have not been this good so late in a season in what seems like forever. Booker was 14 the last time the Suns were involved in a playoff game.

Booker: “We’re locked in. It’s simple as that. … Everybody’s having a great time at the same time. We know where the happiness and joyfulness is coming from and that’s from winning basketball and playing the right. So we’re gonna keep that going.”

What he meant was … just that.

This team has found a rhythm and has only improved its on-court chemistry.

It would be a good thing to avoid taking the Warriors for granted.

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