Does Devin Booker run his mouth too much?

Phoenix Suns, Devin Booker (Photo by Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports)
Phoenix Suns, Devin Booker (Photo by Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports) /

You have to love just about everything Devin Booker brings to the Phoenix Suns.

He’s an elite talent with undeniable passion. He’s No. 1 in the hearts of fans and he wears No. 1 on his uniform — and, unfortunately sometimes, his emotions on his sleeve.

Going back to lessons learned in law school (well, what we imagine those lessons to be):

Never presume guilt — or innocence — when beginning an investigation.

Be respectful.

The Phoenix Suns are the No. 2 team in the Western Conference following Tuesday night’s victory over the Los Angeles Lakers, but there’s a Devin Booker problem lurking.

Given: Devin Booker did not deserve to be tossed from the game in L.A.

Given: The officials are waaaay too sensitive and many pundits agree.


As much as Phoenix Suns fans, and certainly Booker himself, would like to believe, Booker has not yet earned the luxury of superstar foul calls.

Nope. There is no benefit of the doubt when it comes to the Suns’ superstar-in-waiting.

The two quick Ts with a little more than seven minutes remaining in the third quarter Tuesday signaled trouble for the Suns, whose fans had to roll their eyes when seeing Booker disrespected again by the officials.

(Hyperbole warning) The man just can’t get a call.

That’s just a fact, right or wrong (for the record, it’s wrong — especially when Lakers players with three names are receiving far more benefits of doubt than is Booker): The officials are not close to giving Booker star treatment — let alone LeBron James‘ superstar treatment.

Booker’s new teammate Chris Paul has seen it all, and has the complete respect of the NBA hierarchy, as evidenced by his All-Star selection.

Much has been made of Booker’s on-court persona having a distinct Kobe Bryant influence. That’s great when applied to basketball, while the clock is running. It’s the pauses in action that lead Booker down a dangerous path.

Kobe — again, for whatever reason — had the immediate respect (fear?) from NBA officials and certainly carried a killer instinct, not to mention a Booker-esque foul mouth.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with some colorful language as long as it’s directed in the proper way — and controlled in a volatile situation.

For the Phoenix Suns, Devin Booker is running his mouth far too often.

The officials do not yet acquiesce to Booker’s frantic protests and are taking the All-Star’s verbal jabs personally — and then they’re acting on this perceived affront.

Ridiculous. But reality.

Suns fans — including the thousands jumping on the 2021 bandwagon as the 10-year playoff drought nears its end — hold their collective breath when a foul call hangs in the balance.

Will Booker use the MF-word? Will Booker direct the MF-word toward an official, and, even if he didn’t address the official directly, will that official take umbrage? (Hate it when they take umbrage.)

For now, to keep the Suns on the winning track, Booker has to look in the mirror and realize he’s not gonna convince the officials to change their call. He’s not gonna lay a foundation that leads to a favorable call later in the game.

He’s only gonna risk getting tossed — and hurting the Suns’ chances for winning.

And that is the danger of Devin Booker running his mouth.

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