Phoenix Suns NBA Draft: 3 prospects to consider if they trade down

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In an NBA Draft with a lot of questions at the top, the Phoenix Suns might want to trade back from No. 10

By now there is a group of players that most people have decided would make sense for the Phoenix Suns to take at No. 10 in the NBA Draft, either because of skill or positional fit.

There are also a group of players, similar to Cameron Johnson last year, who make sense for the Suns but at their current position would be considered a reach.

When draft night comes anything can happen, and most of those players might not be available for the Suns to take. Or they might make a bigger trade that would require them to move back, which is an idea floated around some Chris Paul trade scenarios. That creates many routes where any of these players projected to go in the second half of the first round could still end up in Phoenix.

Last year I wrote this exact same article when the Suns were slotted in at number six in the draft. One player I talked about was Cameron Johnson. As we all know on draft day the Suns moved back to No. 11, which is higher than I thought he would go, and took him, so there is precedent.

Let’s look at some players who might be fits for the Phoenix Suns if they do indeed move back in the first round for the second year in a row.

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