Three “tweener” prospects the Phoenix Suns should look at

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RJ Barrett Phoenix Suns (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

With a large gap between picks six and 32 the Phoenix Suns would miss out on a wide range of players in the middle of the draft. There are some players there who are worth looking at if a move is made.

Without a clear direction on which player to select sixth overall the Phoenix Suns could end up moving back in the first round of the draft to find a player that they are certain is worth the value of where they would be selected at.

A trade from early in the second round up to late in the first is also possible for a team in need of some immediate talent, plus the Suns might include the 2020 Milwaukee first round pick if they think they can use it to help facilitate a deal.

In a weak draft there is no consensus on where prospects are ranked outside of basically the top three.

With the tiers of players in the draft there is a group of players that are reasonable for the Phoenix Suns to take at number six, such as Brandon Clarke for example, which is why they might not be included on the list.

These players are also ones who the Suns should not count on to fall to them for their second pick at number 32.

Most of these type of players are similar to Mikal Bridges, in that they are older, with more college experience, and are specialists in a few specific areas.

This makes it easier to project their career paths and if they are good fits to play around Devin Booker and Deandre Ayton before making the pick.

All of these players are going to be ones that fill a direct need for the Phoenix Suns, often more so than some of the familiar names at the top of the draft.

There will not be as much hype around any of them but they do all come with greater value and less risk.

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