If available the Phoenix Suns should pursue Chris Paul

Phoenix Suns, Chris Paul (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
Phoenix Suns, Chris Paul (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images) /

If All-NBA second team member, Chris Paul, is available, the Phoenix Suns should pursue him.

It is not often that a team has the chance to add what is considered to be a top 20 player in the league at a discount, however it appears that might be the case for the second year in a row with Chris Paul. After winning 19 games, it did not make sense for the Phoenix Suns to make a move last summer, but now they are a legitimate option.

When Chris Paul posted a whole video saying how great the past season was for him and the Thunder, an eyebrow raised across the league. Now, with Billy Donovan on the way out after he and the Thunder could not agree on a contract, the writing is on the wall. The Thunder appear positioned to begin a full-fledged rebuild that will not include their 35-year-old point guard.

The Phoenix Suns should pursue Chris Paul.

The toughest part with working out a trade for Paul is the $41 million he will earn this upcoming season, followed by a player option for 44 the next. One thing to remember is that very good players tend to get paid a lot of money, which is why those numbers are as high as they are.

To make the numbers work, the Phoenix Suns will almost for sure have to include Ricky Rubio and Kelly Oubre. This is a solid baseline in terms of value of what the Thunder should be looking for, but another piece or two would have to be included in the form of young, cheap players, or draft picks. My personal favorite would be to throw in Ty Jerome and add a swap of picks 10 and 25 in this years draft and see what the Thunder think.

If a trade like this happens, the Suns would, barring injury, end their streak of missing the playoffs next year and go into them with a top three or four backcourt pairing in the league. Paul has proven by now what he is and the value he has to a team. If you still doubt that, then keep in mind you are doubting the player with the seventh highest career VORP (value over replacement player) in league history.

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More than anything, adding a player like Paul would bring the Suns’ leadership and credibility they have not had since Steve Nash. Paul is going to expect the best from everyone on the roster, from Devin Booker down to Jalen Lecque. Whatever potential these young players have, Paul will bring it out.

At the same time, Paul is going to demand the respect, both of his team and from the rest of the league. That respect extends to referees as well. With the type of competitor Paul is, the Phoenix Suns will not be receiving any unfavorable calls that Paul will not speak his mind on.

Adding Chris Paul to this Phoenix Suns roster makes them a near lock to do something they have not done in a decade. Paul will set a culture for the franchise moving forward, bring them respect, and develop the remaining young players in ways that Ricky Rubio can not. If Paul is available, the Phoenix Suns have to take a serious swing.

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