Why the Phoenix Suns will not trade for Lonzo Ball

Lonzo Ball (Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images)
Lonzo Ball (Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images) /

It doesn’t matter if Lonzo Ball is on the trading block or not. The Phoenix Suns are not interested in him. At all.

All Jay Williams (ESPN) did was say the Pelicans may use Lonzo Ball as a trade asset. How the heck did he get hooked up with the Phoenix Suns? Bored local sportswriters? Talking heads or bloggers trying to fill their COVID time off with their own rumors?

The Phoenix Suns are NOT trading for Lonzo Ball, or even considering him. In the bubble, Lonzo shot 30.6 percent from the field, 28.4 percent from the arc, and 55.5 percent from the free-throw line.

The Phoenix Suns do not need Lonzo Ball

The Suns’ back up point guard, Cameron Payne, shot 48.5 percent from the field, 51.7 percent from long range, and 85.7 percent from the line. Obviously Lonzo’s numbers are better pre-bubble, but the Suns are not bringing in a guard that cannot hit a free-throw.

In addition, they’re not going to bring in a kid to play a man’s position. The Suns have other needs, and I think Cameron Payne has got Rubio’s back going forward.

But let’s talk about the bigger problem how do we get the Kardashian’s of the NBA out of the NBA? None of them can shoot or make a team better, but unfortunately, they are here to stay.

LaMelo may be the number one pick in the NBA draft, but he isn’t even the best point guard in the draft!

Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer writes:

"“But it’s too early to say where each prospect will go when opinions vary so greatly. I’ve spoken with NBA executives who have Wiseman first, and others who have him ranked outside of the top 10. Edwards has been labeled a boom-or-bust prospect. And I’ve heard LaMelo called both ‘underrated’ and ‘overrated.'”"

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Who is Kevin O’Connor’s best point guard? French guard Killian Hayes. I agree with him on Hayes, though Killian’s right hand is barely an afterthought in its usage and is something he has to address.

The NBA prefers that its players use both hands.

I also agree with some of the NBA’s executives who feel that Edwards, LaMelo, and Wiseman are over-rated and will disappoint. Again, there’s a reason why the Golden State Warriors, who are drafting 2nd in this draft, appear to want to get out of that pick.

The Phoenix Suns are ascending…much like the NBA expected the Pelicans to do. However, with the leadership of Lonzo Ball, the Pelicans are going the other direction. It’s no wonder Lonzo’s going to be included in trade talks.

Just not with the Suns.

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