The Phoenix Suns should consider trading for Lonzo Ball

Phoenix Suns (Photo by Layne Murdoch Jr./NBAE via Getty Images)
Phoenix Suns (Photo by Layne Murdoch Jr./NBAE via Getty Images) /

With rumors of Lonzo Ball being on the trading block, the Phoenix Suns should consider pursuing the former #2 overall pick.

Finding out that the Phoenix Suns were going to have the tenth overall pick in the 2020 NBA Draft was disappointing, but it is not all bad. Having a lottery pick is great for a team like Phoenix, who may try to use their pick as trade bait. Jay Williams said he is hearing Lonzo Ball may be on the trade block in New Orleans, and the Suns should be interested.

Lonzo Ball is a 6’6” pure playmaker who has had an underwhelming career so far after being drafted second overall in 2017. Ball is still young, has the raw talent, and would have a great mentor in Ricky Rubio if the Suns were to trade for him.

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If the deal is right, the Phoenix Suns should make the trade for Lonzo Ball.

If the Phoenix Suns are able to put together a package of bench players and the tenth pick in exchange for Lonzo, it would greatly benefit this team. If Ball got to sit behind Rubio for just one season and learn everything he could, he would evolve into a completely different player.

Monty Williams loves to have defensive-minded players who work hard and do not give up, and ZO2 fits that description. Surrounded by shooters like Book, Cam, Kelly, Mikal, and most recently Ayton, Lonzo would see his assist numbers jump, which are already pretty good (career average 6.6 per game).

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Some of the biggest criticism of Lonzo’s game has been about his overall ability to score, but more specifically, shoot. Despite the constant doubt, Lonzo became a respectable shooter this season after tweaking his technique, coming in with a career-high 37.5 percent from deep. Just like Rubio, Ball could make Devin Bookers’ life a lot easier on the basketball court, from finding him on wide-open jumpers and back cuts.

Ball would also be a tremendous help to Ayton. Deandre has had trouble getting the ball thrown to him in the post his whole career, and he would see much easier shots if he had a passer like Lonzo whose first priority is to set up his teammates.

The fit is perfect and so is the idea of the trade. The Suns would not be making a panic deal, and in theory, would not have to give up much. Sure, you could hope Killian Hayes is around at #10, but I still think Lonzo will end up the better player and the better fit for this young and hungry Phoenix Suns team.

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