Phoenix Suns players will return in great shape

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With so much time off, expect Phoenix Suns players to come back ready to play and in the best shapes of their lives.

The NBA is coming back, and without leaked footage of pick-up games and home gym workouts, we are anxiously waiting to see what Phoenix Suns players will look and play like stepping on the court again.

We have had visuals of both Marc Gasol and Nikola Jokic, who have lost 100 pounds between the two, and players like Russell Westbrook and DeMar DeRozan spotted marching and leading Black Lives Matter movements. Twitch has also taken hold of many NBA players streaming and screaming from their game rooms. Zoom calls with floating heads and shoulders of player interviews are also consistently keeping the NBA fan informed about the return of basketball and also social issues.

Phoenix Suns players could be in great shape upon return.

While a lot of people think quarantine will make players out of shape, I think they are wrong, and from the little hints given, these players will be in the best shape of their life.

JJ Redick appeared on the Bill Simmons Podcast explaining, “I don’t buy it, it’s an excuse,” when NBA players say they don’t have access to gyms and personal trainers when needed (practiced at a safe and sanitized distance of course). JJ also stated he is in the best shape he can be in before the season starts back up.

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I also believe that most NBA players (besides Doncic) took the time to improve and remain healthy and ready. The Phoenix Suns will be ready to rock ‘n roll when they step into the bubble and the only player that I allow to come back with a “dad bod” is Ricky Rubio and I will leave it at that. What can we expect to see from the other players when first stepping on the court in full uniform?

The biggest change in weight could be Dario Saric and Jevon Carter. The NBA lifestyle can mess with your routine when traveling, playing back-to-backs, and losing sleep. When you are home, the routine can be more consistent when it comes to eating and sleeping. Both players are not overweight by any means but do have the body type where some intermittent fasting for three months will begin to define those jawlines.

Mikal Bridges, Cam Johnson, and Deandre Ayton will be improved from reps in the gym. Mikal and Cam both showed us they could finish under the basket but needed ways to get there. Mikal started to find his way there by playing off the ball and cutting more, to where Cam started to show more of an isolation game, beating his man and bringing the ball to the rim. Working on footing, pump-faking, and body control will show that their game has grown to a more mature level. Speaking of footing, Ayton has the ball control but still needs to add the Amare Stoudemire moves to his game. This is something that might take years, but a solid three months off and in the gym will help bring that along more quickly.

Devin Booker only needs to really show improvement on the defensive side of the ball and in leadership. Those are things that need to be earned on the court.

I never believed that the players didn’t have the opportunity to keep improving and staying in shape in local gyms. The time off has a lot of people afraid of what they might see but be prepared for some of the best basketball we have ever seen.

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