Valley of the Suns is thankful for the fans on Thanksgiving

THE 91ST ANNUAL MACY'S THANKSGIVING DAY PARADE -- Pictured: TOM TURKEY float -- (Photo by: Peter Kramer/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)
THE 91ST ANNUAL MACY'S THANKSGIVING DAY PARADE -- Pictured: TOM TURKEY float -- (Photo by: Peter Kramer/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images) /

Happy Thanksgiving from the Valley of the Suns! Here are a few of the things that we, the writers of Valley of the Suns, are thankful for!

Adam Maynes – Site Expert

The Phoenix Suns are historically one of the most successful regular season franchises in the NBA’s history. While they have been down for some time now, I am thankful for the young core and opportunities that are finally before the franchise now, which seem to be facing the franchise in the right direction once again. This has provided me with hope that the next eight years will be much better than the last eight.

I am furthermore thankful for the fans of the Phoenix Suns and specifically you, the readers of Valley of the Suns, for through your fandom have helped to make this site as successful and exciting to be a part of as it is. There is no other place in the world like Valley of the Suns where fans have the opportunity to voice their opinions as they can here, and we are thankful for your individual voices which makes discussing the Phoenix Suns – in both the good times and the less exciting times – well worth being a part of.

I am thankful to all of the writers of Valley of the Suns, past, current, and future, who really make this site so much fun to be a part of. They are the lifeblood of the Valley of the Suns and as I have long called them, a brotherhood.  We are a family here and the writers are some of the best people I have ever known.

Last, but most certainly not least, I am thankful to my family. They know how much I live and breathe the Phoenix Suns and this website, and they help to provide me with the time and effort I put in to do what we do here. While none of my inner family is as much of a Suns die-hard as I and the rest of us – are, they smile and nod on occasion when I rant a little, which to me is proof of their love.

Dan Valpone – Site Expert

I have a lot to be thankful for this year. I’m thankful for my parents for always being there for me. I’m thankful for my friends and my girlfriend, Andrea. I’m thankful for the opportunity to go to college.

I’m thankful for sports being on television. Sports tend to be an outlet from our problems (even if they make us frustrated at times). I’m thankful for the Phoenix Suns’ young core that keeps me hopeful about the future of the team.

And I’m thankful for everyone who reads out posts at Valley of the Suns; we really do appreciate you.

Chad Boyles – Site Contributor

Thanksgiving is here and though the Suns are off to yet another rocky start, I am beyond thankful for the franchise that triggered my love for basketball.

I am thankful for Steve Nash, my favorite athlete of all time.  I am thankful for Devin Booker, Mikal Bridges, and DeAndre Ayton, the only real positives going for the franchise right now.  I am thankful for Duke basketball, because RJ Barrett is going to look stellar in a Suns uniform.

More from Valley of the Suns

I am thankful for the game and the Phoenix Suns franchise.  There is nothing like being a die-hard fan, and although the Sun hasn’t shined over the franchise in nearly eight years, I am positive things will get better.

I am thankful for Valley of the Suns.  Valley of the Suns and FanSided have provided me with an opportunity to write for my favorite franchise, and I have loved every bit of it.  I have dreamed of being a part of the Suns, and because of them, I have established a foundation for myself.  A great staff and team; I will be forever thankful.

Most of all, I am thankful for family.  Even though I am a Suns fan, they still let me eat at thanksgiving dinner.  Seriously though, family is most important, and I am most thankful for them and the lessons I learn from them every day, regardless of them judging me for being a fan.

Enjoy your meal, and enjoy all that you are thankful for.

From my family to yours, both blood and here at Valley of the Suns, I wish you the happiest of Thanksgivings.  Go Suns!

Assane Drame – Site Contributor

There are plenty of things to be thankful for with my general basketball fandom. With that said, one of the key things to be thankful for as a fan is seeing former Suns players from the beloved ‘Seven Seconds of Less’ era prosper in their careers after playing for Phoenix. Whether it’s Steve Nash having success in player development with the Warriors, Grant Hill doing his thing as a broadcaster for NBA TV, or even watching the most interesting man in the world Boris Diaw embark on different adventures. So ’00s Suns alumni, I give thanks to you!

Kyle Manthe – Site Contributor

This Thanksgiving I have much to be thankful for, most of them do not involve the Phoenix Suns of 2018-19 but hopefully in the near future! I am thankful though that this year we have made it through the first month without a player publicly demanding a trade and with our coach intact, baby steps. Outside of the Suns I am thankful of course for my amazing family, friends, and good health, and too much more to list out. I am also thankful for the great readers of this site!

Roger Acker – Site Contributor

While the team’s record gives little to be thankful for, our young core let’s me be thankful for hope and flexibility for the future. I’m thankful for the potential of stability, with 2 franchise cornerstones and a talented coach learning the ropes of leading his own team. TJ Warren’s shooting and Mikal Bridges impact are both two important things to be thankful for, as well as the opportunity to write with a great staff at the Valley of the Suns.

Khaleel Abdullah – Site Contributor

Happy Thanksgiving! I wish all that read this a great day and hopefully you can spend it with those that matter most to you. To those in service, thank you for all that you do.

I’ll make this short and sweet.

As a Suns fan, I’m thankful for Devin Booker and Deandre Ayton. Even in turmoil, knowing you have 2 guys that could potentially be All Stars in multiple seasons down the line helps.

Personally, I’m thankful to have a rare day off and get to spend it with my loved ones. I’m thankful to have my wife and 3 children, a stable job and family that’s not far away.

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Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!