Phoenix Suns: Three potential Western Conference trade partners

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As the NBA trade deadline inches closer, the Phoenix Suns should consider three Western Conference rivals as potential trade partners.

As the Phoenix Suns continue this rebuild, the team’s front office should always keep an open mind as the NBA trade deadline is less than a month away. It shouldn’t be surprising if the team’s phone rings more than once on Feb. 8th deadline and the club’s general manager Ryan McDonough should be answering it. As McDonough shifts through all the trade proposals that teams throw at him, there are three Western Conference teams McDonough should try to make a deal with.

Dallas Mavericks

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I recently wrote about how the Suns could benefit by trading with the Dallas Mavericks. The proposed deal would send Greg Monroe to the Mavericks and the Suns would receive Nerlens Noel and Josh McRoberts. After the hypothetical trade was complete, the Suns would most likely waive McRoberts. I wrote that the Suns would get a great young piece and the Mavs would receive one of the better backup centers in the league. Just because, most likely, both teams are going to be in the lottery this offseason doesn’t mean that an in-season trade couldn’t benefit both teams for the long term.

Denver Nuggets

This will be the third time that I have written about how the Suns need to trade for Emmanuel Mudiay. Mudiay could develop nicely next to Devin Booker or as a great second unit guard. He has played well for the Denver Nuggets, but has taken a backseat to Jamal Murray this season. Mudiay has the potential to explode and the Suns’ could give the Nuggets a solid deal for their backup point guard.

At this point, Tyler Ulis is better at creating offense for others than Mudiay and the Nuggets need better playmaking at the point guard position. With Booker already on the Suns, the team won’t rely on Mudiay for assists. Mudiay will be able to space the floor and defend better than Ulis has. Denver gets better playmaking off the bench and a second round pick, while Phoenix get’s a potential starter.

Memphis Grizzlies

It’s clear that the Memphis Grizzles are in full rebuild mode and are looking to sell. While the Suns are also rebuilding, they are light years ahead of Memphis. As the Suns inch closer to the end, adding a solid veteran or two would go a long way. A deal that could benefit both the Suns and Grizzlies is possible.

This proposed deal happens assuming Alex Len agrees to be traded, because of the qualifying offer he signed with the Suns this past offseason. Marc Gasol is a former All-Star that can help stabilize the Suns’ center position while they draft and develop a center of the future. Tyreke Evans has been wonderful at the point guard position this season and could be a great fit next to Booker. If Evans can continue his high level play once on the Suns, then the franchise should be able to pay him this offseason when he becomes a free agent. More importantly, if the Suns see themselves as trying to compete for a playoff spot this season or next this deal will definitely help push the Suns to be better.

Monroe is in this deal purely to make the money work, so Memphis may choose to waive the center after the deal goes through. The Grizzlies get a first round pick and two second round picks while getting a young point guard to develop in Ulis. Len could be a solid option at center for the team, if they decide to re-sign him this summer. One aspect to remember in this hypothetical trade is that it will allow the franchise to tank, as well as, gives them young players and draft picks. This deal gives Memphis a good place to begin it’s rebuild from.

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The Phoenix Suns and each Western Conference team mentioned in the proposed trade scenarios above benefit from the hypothetical deals stated. Whether or not any of these proposed deals actually occur is yet to be seen, however if McDonough can pull off any of these hypothetical trades then the Suns will be in a much better place for it.