What are the Chances the Phoenix Suns do Not make a trade?

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Tyson Chandler

NBA: Golden State Warriors at Phoenix Suns
NBA: Golden State Warriors at Phoenix Suns /

Tyson Chandler was a big name that unexpectedly surfaced in trade speculation recently. Of the players on this list, he is the second most likely to be moved behind Tucker for two reasons: His contract comes at both a reasonable length and cost when compared to his production, and he is far and away the most statistically productive player on this list. Chandler’s rebounding average is not only the second highest of his career, but his FG% is as well. He also currently holds the highest rebounding average since a Charles Barkley in 1992-93 and offensive rebound average since Curtis Perry in 1974-75.

Due to this, the Suns actually could get a decent return for him from a contending team. Whether it’s a young prospect or a future first round draft pick, selling high on Tyson right now might do them very well for the future. But that truly is a big might. Chandler is so productive that giving up on him could actually be more detrimental than at first blush. Yes, starting and playing Len still needs to be a top priority. Aside from Len’s very questionable hands, he is a very productive reserve center. Should the Suns be able to afford both he and Tyson for another two seasons, would it not be worth keeping Chandler around for the very intangibles I mentioned above, while also retaining the exceptional depth at a position that is extremely difficult to fill long-term in this league as it is?


It definitely feels unlikely that the Suns will stand pat and trade no-one. John Gambadoro’s tweets certainly imply that there is interest in at least a few players. There are too many veterans that do not fit the long-term vision so jettisoning them earlier rather than later would be a benefit to the team’s future growth. What is undeniable, however, is that of Brandon Knight, P.J. Tucker, Jared Dudley, and Tyson

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Chandler, not one of them is a ‘must have’ by other teams. As reported, P.J. Tucker is so far the most coveted of the group mainly due to his contract, but unless the Suns get what they want in return, they are likely not going to trade him just for the sake of making a move.

This of course will be the plan for every trade-possible player on the roster, which is why there is no guarantee that Ryan McDonough pulls the trigger on a before the February 20, trade deadline.