Is Booker’s Dominant Vegas Performance Meaningful?


Devin Booker may be the most dominant force in Las Vegas right now. The 2015-2016 NBA First-Team All-Rookie showed last season he was among the best young stars, and is doing it once again this summer.

Booker, the Phoenix Suns’ leading scorer and passer, was a player many expected to only player a few minutes a game during Summer League. That hasn’t been the case, though. With his exceptional play, Booker has averaged 26 points, 6.5 assists, and 5 rebounds per game while averaging 33 minutes in two games.

The question that lingers during these games, however, is whether or not Booker’s outstanding play is meaningful? Is a player who already proved to be a force in the NBA showcasing anything significant while playing with guys looking to earn a roster spot? Yes.

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Booker’s huge numbers aren’t impressive by just looking at them. If Steph Curry played in Summer League, he’d average nearly 70 points per game. What signifies that Booker is having a successful Summer League, is his connection with teammates, even teammates other than Tyler Ulis.

Booker took on the team leader role for this Suns’ team, and has proved to be the guy everyone looks to for the ball and to get rid of the ball. Booker’s cuts while players like Alan Williams and Marquese Chriss are in the post look simply perfect. His 28 points during Game One against the Portland Trailblazers weren’t just him firing up shots and draining everything. He got open every time someone else had the ball, and showed these young players what to do without the ball.

Even his passing is making this team better. His 6.5 assists per game aren’t just simple passes. Booker is driving and dishing, constantly keeping his eyes open. Booker will most likely be the Suns’ two guard in 2016-2017, which means at any moment he will need to take over the floor general position. What he’s showing during Summer League, is that he can create plays for others.

So, Booker’s Summer League, even if he’s a man playing against boys, is nothing but promising for the Suns. He’s the face of the Suns’ young team proving he can play and lead the rest of the youngsters. Marquese Chriss, Dragan Bender, and Tyler Ulis are the future of Phoenix. Booker may be too good to play against other teams, but he’s helping these three learn how to play with him. That’s exactly what Phoenix sent him to Vegas for, and it’s exactly what he’s doing.

For everyone who says it’s a mistake having Booker play with these “kids,” here you go…

Booker is the leader of this Summer League team, but he’s 19-years-old. The Suns knew what they were doing by sending him to Vegas. He’s able to work with his new teammates, and develop his leadership mentality. Both things the Suns need out of Booker next season.

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As the Suns move out of their rebuilding stage and begin looking to make the playoffs, Booker will need to be the heart and soul of Phoenix. What Summer League is doing, is giving him a head start.

After he finishes leading this team, he’ll get improve his play even more while playing for the USA Selection Team.

If this summer means anything for Booker, it’s rounding out his game. At 19, he has all the possibility to turn his game into an all-around player and true leader. Something the Suns would love to have moving forward.

So to answer the question again. Is Devin Booker’s Summer League performance meaningful? Yes. Again.

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