Suns’ Draft Night Options

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Use What They Have for a Blockbuster Trade

Paul George. DeMarcus Cousins. Kevin Love. All names floating around the rumor mill. Will they end up in Phoenix? Quite possibly.

Hoops Habit journalist Gerald Bourguet couldn’t have said it better when he tweeted this out…

A blockbuster trade is what the Suns could use, and it’s what they can afford. They have everything you need to pull off a superstar trade like Cousins, George, Love, or even maybe Jimmy Butler. But, they need to be willing to give up a lot. Players like Knight, Eric Bledsoe, Alex Len, and all their draft picks (not all for one trade) need to be on the market for this to occur.

This is the year! More NBA stars are being shopped right now than in the last five years combined (not an actual fact, just an analysis). Players want a new scene and a promising young roster in Phoenix can begin to spark interest.

George, Cousins, Love, and Butler aren’t what the Suns are in “need” of position wise. They are what they “need” on a talent base, though. Any of these players can instantly improve the Suns. If Cousins or Butler were on the roster, there’d need to be some roster changes. Before jumping to conclusions, the Suns will need to trade quality players to receive these guys.

Brandon Knight or Eric Bledsoe would presumably have to be traded to bring in a player of this magnitude. It’s okay, because it seems like the Suns have an overabundance of quality guards, but not enough stars.

That being said, the Suns should be approaching these teams in the following order – Indiana Pacers, Sacramento Kings, Chicago Bulls, Cleveland Cavaliers. Paul George would be the ultimate pickup for the Suns. The 26-year-old star has done nothing but continue to increase his play year after year. His ability to play both ways at every position is unfathomable. To sum it up, he is exactly what the Suns are in need of.

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Cousins would be great too. He’s probably the best center in the NBA and despite his attitude problems, he’s the perfect post player. The big man game in the NBA is dying, but Cousins is one of the few remaining that can truly impact a team. He shouldn’t be the Suns’ first option, but he should be their second.

Jimmy Butler is tough. Anyone would love to have this breakout player on their team. Though, he’d put the Suns in another tough position. Assuming the Suns trade just one of Bledsoe or Knight, that still leaves Booker, Butler, and the non-traded guard. Hoping that the Suns are trying to begin working T.J. Warren into a full-time starting role, it’s hard to work out minutes for all these players. With P.J. Tucker in the lineup as well, Butler may add some early confusion for the coaching staff.

But don’t get me wrong. The Suns would be crazy not to take Butler if they could.

Kevin Love… Oh, Kevin Love. Two years ago, he’d probably be a sure shot for the Suns to approach. Before he went to Cleveland, Love was easily a top power forward in the NBA. He may still be considered one of the best, but he’s certainly not what he use to be.

If anything, he’s more of a 3/4 player instead of a solid 4. The Suns need a player who can attribute at large in the power forward position, but Love may not be it. Who knows, maybe he’d come to Phoenix and become the old Kevin Love. If that’s the case, move up the Cavaliers on the list of teams to approach. Either way, if the Suns can get Love for a reasonable price they should.

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