Alvin Gentry’s potential replacements as Phoenix Suns’ coach

Alvin Gentry is out.

What his departure means for the Suns’ franchise will be covered in detail here at Valley of the Suns over the next few days. For now, let’s not dwell in the past. The front office is expected to announce an interim head coach soon, but in the meantime, we’ve compiled a list of candidates who could be Phoenix’s head coach in the long term.

Lindsey Hunter

Any list of possible coaching candidates has to start internally, especially in Phoenix. Hunter is thought by many, including recently “retired” VotS chief Michael Schwartz, to be the frontrunner for not only the interim job, but the long-term one as well. Hunter was hired as a team scout last March and later became the coordinator of the team’s development department. He has no previous coaching experience at the NBA or collegiate level. What Hunter does have to his credit is a 17-year NBA career. Combine that with his age (he’s only 41), and you get a coach who is both credible and relatable with his players. When Gentry’s departure was announced, the team stated its new direction would be focused on player development. If that is indeed the course for this season and the foreseeable future, then Hunter, who is in charge of the Suns’ Player Development Department, may just be the man for the job. Hiring him would be a similar move to the Magic’s hiring of Jacque Vaughn. While Orlando has struggled this season with a completely revamped roster, Vaughn has been praised the job he has done developing and integrating his players.

Elston Turner

The Suns’ defensive coordinator cannot be overlooked as a possible candidate to take over the team. Turner has been a coach in the NBA for nearly 15 years. He spent most of that as an assistant to Rick Adelman in Sacramento and Houston. Hiring Turner would be an unmistakable change of direction for the franchise. Since Steve Nash arrived, the Suns have been known for their focus on offense and their treatment of defense as an afterthought. Tapping Turner would signal that Phoenix is ready to shed that identity and commit to being a defense-first team like the Bulls and Pacers. The biggest obstacle confronting Turner’s candidacy is the Suns’ complete lack of defensive success. Since he was hired, the Suns have been in the bottom 10 of the league according to John Hollinger’s defensive efficiency rankings. Some of that failure can be blamed on roster age and turnover, but some definitely must fall on Turner. The truth is this roster lacks athleticism and defensive acumen, and if appointed head coach, Turner might just be banging his head against a wall trying to emphasize defense to an incapable roster.

Stan Van Gundy

Big Stan is a long shot to become the Suns new head coach. By all accounts, he is the biggest name currently available in the market. SVG has more than 15 years experience as an NBA coach. He started out in Miami as an assistant to Pat Riley. He was named the Heat’s head coach in 2003, but resigned to make way for Riley in 2005, Stan was ten hired by Orlando. He took the Magic all the way to the NBA Finals in 2009 where they lost to the Los Angeles Lakers in five games. Stan was fired by the Magic in May of this year in a misguided attempt to please Dwight Howard. During his time in Orlando, Van Gundy helped mold Howard into one of the league’s best defensive players. The Magic were a Top 5 defense for three straight years under Van Gundy, and never worse than 13th in the league during his tenure. Offensively, Van Gundy’s pillars – floor spacing power forwards, emphasis on three point shooting, and pick & roll – closely mirror what the Suns have done over the last several years. There’s no doubt that Van Gundy could be a great fit in Phoenix, but whether the Suns can lure him is another question altogether.

Jeff Van Gundy

Stan’s brother Jeff is another candidate who would be great as the Suns’ head coach. Jeff has 10 years of experience as an NBA head coach with both the New York Knicks and Houston Rockets. He led the Knicks to the 1999 NBA Finals where they lost in five games to the San Antonio Spurs. Since he left Houston, Van Gundy has worked as a color commentator for ESPN. Anyone who has watched a telecast featuring Van Gundy knows he has incredible basketball knowledge. While he may rub some people the wrong way, there is no doubt that Jeff Van Gundy knows the game inside and out. He has a long history of getting the most out of his players. His Knicks teams were incredibly tough and very physical. Those are two qualities the Phoenix Suns are very much in need of. Bringing in Van Gundy could help the Suns shed their soft reputation. Jeff has long had a policy that he will not interview for head coaching jobs with teams who have some one in place already. This is why Jeff refused to interview for the Brooklyn vacancy. The Suns have a five day break before their next game which could be a large enough window to meet with and hire Van Gundy if he and the team were so inclined.

Nate McMillan

The problem with available head coaches in the NBA is that most candidates were fired from their previous position because their team did not succeed or meet expectations. Teams searching for a head coach must find ways to explain or overlook those failures when making a decision. In this situation, Nate McMillan is the rare example to the contrary. In 2005, McMillan took over a Portland Trail Blazers team which had gone 27-55 the previous year. Three years later, Portland was a .500 team, and in each of the next three seasons, Portland made the playoffs. McMillan was fired from Portland midway through 2011-12 season as the organization responded to ownership’s desire to clean house. Aside from turning around the Blazers and the SuperSonics earlier in his career, the best part of McMillan’s coaching resume is his service with the U.S. Olympic team in Beijing and London. Being included on a staff that features two of the best college coaches of all time as well as current Lakers’ head coach Mike D’Antoni a significant honor. One which McMillan has earned being a great basketball coach. At 48, he is still young enough to connect with players, and having played 12 years for the Seattle SuperSonics, he’s accomplished enough to earn their respect.

Brian Shaw

It’s only a matter of time before somebody gives this guy a head coaching position. Why not the Suns?

After a 14-year NBA career, which included three World Championships with the Los Angeles Lakers, Shaw was hired as an assistant coach by Phil Jackson in Los Angeles. After being passed over in the wake of Phil’s departure, Shaw took an assistant coach position under Frank Vogel in Indiana. Several prominent Lakers including Kobe Bryant, stumped on Shaw’s behalf to become the Lakers’ head coach. Shaw is one of the most respected assistants in the league. His youth, energy, and Championship experience as both a player and a coach would be huge assets to a Suns team looking to rebuild itself into a contender once again. It’s unlikely Shaw would leave Indiana mid-season, but he could definitely warrant a look from Phoenix’s front office this summer.

Mike Malone

Though he might have the least recognizable name on this list, Mike Malone may be a prominent candidate to take over the Suns this summer. According to CNNSI’s Ian Thomsen, the Warriors’ assistant coach is on a short list of candidates due in small part to his previous relationship with Suns’ GM Lance Blanks. Malone was lead assistant in Cleveland when Blanks worked in the Cavaliers front office. The fact that a source has proffered that the Suns might hire externally this summer points to the front office promoting an assistant like Hunter or Turner to interim head coach for the rest of the season. In addition to working for the Cavs and Warriors, Malone was also lead assistant under Monty Williams in New Orleans. He has been a coach at the NBA level for 10 years. Working under Mark Jackson at Golden State, Malone is getting a great deal of experience developing young players like Klay Thompson, Harrison Barnes, and Draymond Green. Young player development as well as integration with established veterans will be key for the Suns moving forward. Malone might not be the flashiest name available, but with Phoenix staring down the barrel of a sub-30 win season, substance and experience will be far more important that name recognition and flash.

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  • Scott

    My vote, as everyone probably knows, is for Nate.

    In the interim, however, I think Sarver may feel he owes the spot to Turner. Turner was probably brought in with the idea he might one day take over. And yet … the defensive lapses the team has engaged in suggest that the players might have already tuned him out.

    If Sarver and Turner are willing to do a test run, I think that would be the wisest idea. It would honor Turner by giving him a shot, and yet, if he can’t get it done, the Suns will show him the door, which is what will probably happen after this season anyway.

    I think the pick Blanks wants to make is Hunter, but my concern here is that Blanks is picking another one of his guys … like Telfair, Beasley, and Brooks. So I don’t have high hopes for the Suns under Hunter, but – as always – I’m willing to be surprised in a positive way.

  • Majestic One

    Why isn’t Dan top of the list?

  • Harry

    I’m sorry, but this list is a joke except for the Van Gundy’s. Lindsey Hunter is nothing like Vaughn. Vaughn was an assistant for the best organization in the game for several years. Hunter has zero years experience. Please, this is insanity. McMillan is a lifetime .500 coach after almost 1000 games. Don’t go to the garbage dump looking for filet mignon. Shaw? There is a reason he can’t get a job even thought he’s always considered. Turner? My dog knows more about pick-and-roll defense. And that’s his specialty. Malone? Who?

    Go get some new blood. Get Kelvin Sampson over at Houston. Popovich loves the guy and he really did a good job filling in for McHale. Stop frigging around and kick-start this rebuild.

  • foreveris2long

    In reality we look like the sorriest franchise in the NBA. McMillan or K. Sampson would be my choice but considering this front office if I was either one I would insist on having significant say in all personnel moves. Otherwise I would not work for Sarver or Babby. How Babby or Blanks did not get fired is a huge mystery.

  • JD

    Whoever becomes interim coach, if they are forced to play Beasley, Johnson, and Marshall big minutes, will have a really tough time reaching 10 wins in the 41 games remaining. Credible coaches would know better and stay away from this job until the offseason.

  • Scott

    Preferably the permanent coach would be selected after the new GM is installed.

  • DBreezy

    I suppose this interim hire could say a lot about the future of the current front office and the team. I agree that Lindsey is likely Blanks’ choice. Kind of tough to put him in this situation now though. You’ve got 2 assistants who would have been considered and directly passed over for the job and one who wasn’t even considered on your staff. All of them basically know that they’re done here if not selected, and they pretty much just gave Majerle his pink slip along with Gentry today. That doesn’t seem to be the best bench environment for a guy in Hunter’s position. That’s not even considering the roster he has to coach. He’ll be expected to use the youth more and deal with the associated individual agendas that will crop up. Vets playing to be traded, playing for their next contract, or just miffed because they aren’t playing.

    Typical lottery team stuff, but a lot to put on a guy you believe can be the future long term. I think Turner or Kokoskov would be best for the interim guy as both have more sideline experience. Neither guy probably has a future here beyond this season as of today, so why not give them a shot to prove management wrong or at least showcase themselves for other opportunities.

    If you’re Sarver it also sets you better for any decisions on the front office. It smells less to outside candidates that you let guys on expiring deals finish the season than to take a guy like Hunter who is considered a good prospect and promote him, only to fire him later because they decide to fire Babby/Blanks and the new team wants a coach of their choosing. While such things are just business to most of us, for some reason in sports such ‘injuries’ can be detrimental.

    If I had to make a call on an external candidate from this list, I guess I’d go with McMillian or Malone as of today. It seems like a bad fit to hire either of the Van Gundy’s with the roster the Suns have right now. Also you have to expect that the more established candidates will want to wait to consider every potential position carefully. There are likely to be better opportunities available for playoff teams and for lottery teams further along in their rebuilds. The Suns really lack direction, so they may want to get a coach and possibly front office in place early before the draft and free agency.

  • Animan

    I’m still pulling for that 41 game win streak!

  • azbballfan

    While i would love to see certain coaches join the Suns, its obvious that coaching is the least of the Suns problems.

    A great coach isnt going to fix years of zero player development and horrible drafting

    and of course panic trades like shipping two first rounders for kurt thomas a while back.

    Yeah that turned out to be Serge Ibaka in one of those picks guess who i would rather have on the Suns right now?

    So by how many points are we gonna lose by at Sacramento?

    I hope we finish with the worst record in the NBA and confirm that its the front office thats the problem

  • Scott

    Hey, here’s a fun idea …

    The Suns obviously have some kind of “brother” thing going on, so why not take both Van Gundys? Make Stan the coach and Jeff the GM.

    Nah. That’s probably too much Van Gundy. ;)

    Actually, what I came here to post was the link to an ESPN article I thought was interesting.

    It’s been mentioned many times that the league recently underwent a shift due to D’Antoni’s 7 seconds style of play, but did it also undergo a significant defensive shift? And if so, has this had an adverse affect upon the system used by the Suns?

  • Cody

    Bring in Bernie B from LA, highest winning% by any of the 3 coaches Lakers had haha. But no big name coach will come here, this franchise is really in a hole right now, no direction. We need to trade our older guys now and try and get draft picks or young players that have solid upside, make this roster appealing for future free agents. Right now we have no appeal to anyone

  • phxfan88

    This reminds me of the Cardinal’s “QB problem”. No matter who you get they will fail unless they fix the offensive line.

    I just can’t decide if the o-line equates to the Suns roster or front office in my analogy…

  • john

    Warner had a pretty terrible o-line as well, but he knew how to use the pocket and get rid of the ball quickly. I get your point though.

  • James Prato

    Look , Porter & Gentry were great GUYS . But I don’t want anymore GREAT GUYS coaching the Suns , I want a GREAT COACH coaching the Suns !!

    I hope the Suns aren’t looking for a simple (( Cheap )) coaching solution.

    Get out there and get a GREAT COACH

  • Cam

    I’m a fan of Sampson but what I could see is Sarver putting assistant Igor Kokoskov in. They want Hunter to have a clean slate next season and Kokoskov has experience coaching. I can’t take credit for bringing him up, they briefly mentioned him on BSOTS. The more I read up on the candidates though, he seems to fit the best for the short term. I don’t think Sarver has any vested interest to keep Igor once they trade Gortat and Kokoskov has experience coaching in college and with The Yugoslav junior national team. Go Suns.

  • Zach Parnes

    We all know coaching isn’t the problem for the Suns, but if we are talking one guy who can get the job done its Scott Skiles. I know he isn’t the most credible considering that he had a tenure with the bucks. But he still is a top defensive coach and a great motivator. He could really restore some morale to the team, and maybe even get involved with the management

  • foreveris2long

    I agree Azbball, coaching is the least of the Suns concerns. JD, absolutely it will be a fatal attraction if an interim coach gives Marshall considerable minutes. Anyway it looks like the Suns are destined to get a top 4 pick so we need someone upstairs capable of making a quality pick.

  • Melon Man

    If ANY Van Gundy becomes a Suns coach at any time or in any capacity (even coach of the janitors) I will never forgive management and disavow the Suns for the rest of my existence.

  • azbballfan

    Scott Skiles already coached the Suns

    from what i remember his management style grated on our stars at the time so he was kicked to the curb

  • Robert

    Suns will hire Lindsey Hunter

    Hunter will play Marshall 20 mins a game from the get go.

    Marshall is Blanks/Hunter guy, they will trade Dragic away and give Marshall the starting job.

    Anyone else concerned?

  • Kendall Marsall

    Thank you jesus I’m freed!


  • hawki

    It’s not really THAT important who is coach…..obviously, you can’t have an idiot in there, but the NBA is a Players’ League.

    Did Phil Jackson win any NBA Title’s when Jordan was playing baseball ?

    It’s more important to have intelligent people in the front office who have foresight & a coherent plan for the future since it will take 2 drafts in a row to set the Suns back on the correct path.

    In other words, we’re screwed (unless Sarver decides to sell)….reminds me of when I used to work in Corporate America … wasn’t what you knew….but who you knew.

  • bill.thomas

    @Harry: What breed is your dog and what measurements? There are still a couple of roster spots open.

  • bill.thomas

    Jeff Van Gundy is the biggest idiot in the world. He makes Lon look like Einstein. Would someone please listen to his announcement of the Bulls-Celtics game tonight and any other game he has announced? He either has organic brain damage, a series of concussions, is a major alcoholic, or a combination of the foregoing.

  • bill.thomas

    I’m a fan of Sampson too but I would rather have Delilah.

  • bill.thomas

    I shoot like Beasley. AR-15.

  • bill.thomas

    I bet Hunter at his age could still take Marshall off the dribble 9 times out of 10 even after all the lobster tail dinners with Lon. And finish off glass each time.

  • bill.thomas

    I believe Dragic is pining to be traded to Idaho of the Gophers league. Anything to get away from this FO.

  • bill.thomas

    @DBreezy: great post. If I were Hunter I would just go on vacay for the next 4 months and see where I end up. Assistant in New York? Detroit? Whatever, far better than working under this FO.

  • bill.thomas

    @DBreezy: JVG should not be hired to preside over anything. Not this team, not Homeland Security, not a call center in India, not an insane asylum.

  • azbballfan

    The Suns moves make zero sense

    Trade Dragic? to who? for what kinda players?

    I hope Marshall has improved his game from a few months ago when he played in the D-League

  • bill.thomas

    Re. Mike Schwartz@Mike Malone. Staring down the barrel of a sub 30 season?? How about staring down the barrel of a sub 25 season after everyone checks out.

  • bill.thomas

    FREE DRAGIC !!!!

  • Evan

    I love this team but at a certain point you have to say damn WTF. Firing Gentry was right move, we need a coach that preaches defense, hustle and team work, because those will mask no talent, and boy we will not have talent for a while. There is really no one on this team that I would honestly consider to be ‘good’ really no one. Hunter is the best option for this.

    We have to face facts we have to build this team from the ground up.

    Step 1 Get a new Coach.
    Step 2 Actively search for trades of all players for draft picks. (I would go to Gortat, Dudley, Dragic, and Brown and ask if they would truly like to be fixtures in a rebuilding team if so keep them)
    Step 3 sign high character guys that compete.
    Step 4 do what it takes to get a star. This means spending money.

    If everything goes right we can make the playoffs and compete for a championship in 4 years.

  • Ty-Sun

    As already stated, Hunter or Turner will probably become the interim coach for the rest of this season and a new head coach won’t be selected until the off season. By that time there could be even more names in the mix for the job.

    I would really be surprised if the Suns bring in any “big name” coach next year. What would be attractive about taking over this team? It would only be an attractive position to someone who wants a shot at being a head coach and hasn’t gotten one yet.

  • Luka

    Lindsey Hunter or Elston Turner now, and Nate McMillan next year.

  • mike sullivan

    Let’s get KJ to ditch the political mess in Sac Town and
    return to coach the suns, Last time KJ came back out
    of retierment to replace injured KIDD was a goose bump moment, KJ would bring his passsion back to

  • mike sullivan

    This too shall pass, play the bench, make a trade,
    get some good picks over the summer, have some fun.
    this goes in cycles, no one is going to beat OKC,
    SA ,Clippers or Miami, lets focus on future.

  • Harry

    I love it when people say Alvin Gentry wasn’t the problem. And why would that be? Sure, the roster isn’t great but it’s nowhere near as bad as the record. Let’s look at some info and compare this team to last year’s Houston team that Dragic and Scola lead for the last half.

    When Dragic was starting the last 26 games, the Rockets were 13-13. They played 14 of those games on the road. Dragic and Scola were clearly the two best players. Chandlers Parsons, Courtney Lee and Marcus Camby were the other starters. Camby had some back problems and couldn’t play a lot. He only played 24 minutes per game and missed several big games. Compare that threesome to Gortat, Dudley and Tucker. Dudley is quite a bit better than Lee, Gortat should be able to hold his own against Camby and the Tucker/rookie Parsons match is basically a wash. Realistically, the other three Suns are better than last years Rockets. Additionally, Houston had a lot of injuries and had only two effective subs, Budinger and Dalembert. Pat Patterson played a lot but he was probably a bottom three PF in the league, maybe the worst. They actually had to go to a local YMCA to get 62 year old Earl Boykins to play back-up PG.

    Despite this limited roster, Houston was able to fight for a playoff spot and would have made it if not for a late season 6 game losing streak. During this streak Dragic slipped a bit but still averaged 19.5/7.5. Scola also posted averages better than his full season of 15.5/7.1 during this 6 game period. Again, these two were the best Houston players and only the decline of the other players prevented the team from getting into the playoffs.

    Gentry was handed decent, but certainly not great, talent. He made the awful mistake of thinking Beasley was something he’s not and also changed the offense to a system that is unworkable. He effectively neutered Dragic and any hopes for Gortat to progress. Now, he’s paying the rightful price.

    If Kevin McHale, himself no NBA savant, can get decent mileage out of this core, Gentry has to take the blame for this awful season. He has been the worst coach in the league this year and likely only Randy Whitman is only other coach even possibly worse.

    I’m looking forward to the new coach. Please, don;t let it be Turner as I’m sure he’ll only just continue on with more of the same crap. Let’s get some new blood in here!

  • Scott

    @Harry -

    I pretty much agree. My own view is that while Gentry may have been dealt a weak hand, he played it poorly as well.

    However, Turner might not be a carbon copy. I don’t know what he could do that’s different, as it would probably be limited to just tweaks, but I vaguely recall him making some observations last year that some things the Suns were doing as part of system were hurting them on defense.

    So if Turner was head coach, he might make a few changes in the offense or the lineups that favor defense, and then the question would be: do those tweaks make any real difference?

    BTW, does anyone know if Turner subscribes to the Tom Thibodeau school of defense?

    Also, does anybody have any comments on that ESPN article / video I linked above?

  • Ty-Sun

    I was just reading an interesting article that assumes that the best thing for the Suns to do now that Gentry is gone is to make some significant trades (Gortat in particular) to either get younger or pick up more draft picks.

    This actually makes some sense because I doubt anyone can do any better than Gentry did with the roster the Suns currently have. Adding new players – as well as a new coach – could re-energize fan interest, attempt to build for the future and give the interim coach at least a chance to do something more with the team than Gentry accomplished… or at least give him (and the FO) an excuse for doing worse if that’s possible.

  • Yxunomei

    I want Mike Budenholzer. The Spurs have a long successful record of developing players (Parker, Ginobili, Neal, Splitter, Green, Leonard and De Colo). He’s been an assistant coach for the Spurs for 18 years and Popovich lead assistant for several years now.

  • DBreezy


    IIRC correctly declined to even interview back in 2008 when D’Antoni left. He turned down the opportunity to coach a team that had Nash, Amar’e, Shaq, Hill, Diaw, LB, Bell, Barnes and two solid picks in Lopez and Goran. There are a lot of assistants who would be thrilled to have those kinds of players on the roster of their first head coaching gig. I believe he also pulled his name out of a head coaching search last offseason as well. It’s kind of hard to imagine him wanting to coach this squad in its near term state.


    I just read the article you linked, good stuff. My thoughts are that both D’Antoni and Thibodeau took advantage of the results of the high school and one done phenomenon. While there were/are several high profile successes from those sources, there have also been a lot of guys who can’t hit a wide open 15ft shot despite several years in the league. A lot of people don’t like to watch women’s hoops, but if you do they rarely miss when they’re open-it’s like watching old 80′s hoops on Classic or NBATv.

    By the early 2000′s, you had a lot of teams like the 76ers though. One guy who could score (Iverson) and 4 who struggle to finish layups let alone jumpers. How many big games did they lose because Eric Snow was incapable of hitting a wide open FT line jumper? Many of T-Mac’s Magic teams had the same issue(Bo Outlaw!!) With the old illegal defense rules, iso offense was the logical rule of the day. I cant’ remember the number, but they had an article around the time that D’Antoni started SSOL the average team in the league shot something like 43% from the field. Another factor with a lot of the younger players from high school or one and done is that they struggle making good decisions at high pace.

    D’Antoni took advantage of this by getting a bunch of guys who could shoot/finish at a high percentage even at a fast pace, and put them together with a pg who could really control things at that speed without turnovers. I think they typically shot around 48% from the field as a team. That put a lot of pressure on the typical NBA team, moreso when start giving up 3′s or and-1′s to Amar’e. Try to up the pace to get back in the game and you make your problems worse.

    Tibs style plays into this too as most teams don’t have guys who can punish you consistently on the weak side. They load up on the few guys that can score, making them shoot difficult shots or pass it to guys like Reggie Evans on the weakside. It also doesn’t hurt that the death of the dominating center also occurred during this era. You have to think that Tibs style would have some issues vs the Shaq/Kobe Lakers for example. If Kobe has the ball on the strong side and you’ve got Shaq on the weakside box and Horry on the weakside wing with Fisher up to top, things could get ugly if you have someone cheat over. You have to always keep a body on Shaq, step away from him and he could get an easy alley-oop in a variety ways (lob to the weakside, drive and dish) and he would be in prime offensive rebounding position. You could also fake going to him and give it to Horry who could hit a 3. You don’t have that same fear when dealing with Tyreke Evans and Demarcus Cousins who you can recover to more effectively.

  • Scott

    @DBreezy -

    I was wondering if the Suns have run afoul of the Thibs style defense, and if so, what changes they might need to get beyond it.

    A lot of the symptoms related in that article to the Thibs defense seem to be found with the Suns.

  • azbballfan

    Lets just say that Alvin Gentry was the problem and the talent is there and it is just not being utilized correctly.

    Now lets assume we let Hunter come in and he works some magic

    Even IF he does, we would still need to win 15 straight games to reach 500

    How many people see Hunter coming in and the Suns magically going to playoffs?

    I would bet money the Suns end up with 29 wins this season that would mean they would go 16-25 with hunter as apposed to 13-28 with Gentry.

    An improvement, but not enough to matter and it would only make us worse in the long run by missing out on a good draft pick in a weak draft.

    If Gentry was the problem, then how the hell did the team get the WCF when he was head coach and we MADE the WCF two other times when he was an assistant.

    Somebody averaging a few more points a game or say we were 17-24 by now, it still wouldnt matter

    The Suns have the worst talent in the NBA

    everyone worse than us has lottery picks they can throw out there.

    If we are getting a new coach, get Babby and Blanks out of here too

    They have not proven they can draft talent.

    and im not just talking about Morris and Marshall

    after Lebron James, the Cavs had other picks in next years and got no one of note other than j,j, hickson

    2004 pick Luke Jackson got injured and wasnt able to do anything.

    2005 no 1st round or 2nd round pick

    2006 Shannon Brown

    2007 no picks that i can see

    2008 j.j. Hickson

    2009 Christan Enyega

    2010 No Picks in either round

    Nwo of course Summer 2010 rolls around and Blanks comes on board

    other than Lebron who anyone would have drafted, blanks didnt draft or develop hardly anyone

    only Hickson and Brown are still in the NBA but only Hickson did anything at Cleveland

    I cant trust Blanks to draft anyone much less develop them on their orginal team

  • FAR

    I will love Dan Majerle for the head coach and @paulcoro Twit this Some of the Suns players told the front office today that they want Dan Majerle to be named interim coach. It’s under consideration too.
    and Mike Budenholzer could be a good for us too.

  • Penny Hardaway

    What’s wrong with Dan Majerle? Why isn’t he on the list? Dan has a great character and fits very well with players. I’ d rather have Dan the next job.

  • Scott

    IMO, Majerle is one of the last links to the Suns brand that Colangelo built.

    Lance Blanks is not a Colangelo type guy, and he’s not building according to the old Suns brand. He’s building according to his own brand, which I don’t think the current fan base is going to like.

    Sarver may see Blanks as building a new brand for the Suns, and as an owner he may see this as a way of making his own imprint on the team.

    However, I think there could be substantial financial loss and pain as Sarver changes the Suns, and the other owners ought to be cautious.

    Sometimes it’s better to stick with what was working.