Why it's not the right time for a Devin Booker x Call of Duty collaboration

Devin Booker is collaborating with Call of Duty, but the timing of the Phoenix Suns' superstar to do this is not ideal.
Minnesota Timberwolves v Phoenix Suns - Game Four
Minnesota Timberwolves v Phoenix Suns - Game Four / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

Basketball and video games have been linked for decades, with the NBA and it's stars starting to cross over into more than just the NBA 2K franchise. The popular Call of Duty franchise has released a Devin Booker bundle to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, with the bundle containing a character cosmetic depicting the Phoenix Suns superstar, cosmetics and weapon blueprints.

While this may seem like a strange crossover, Booker is a massive fan of the game and Activision has worked with Booker's teammateKevin Durant for a similar collaboration in their last game Modern Warfare 2.

The bundle itself may entice Suns fans to hop on their selective gaming consoles to play as one of their favorite stars in a different game (with the Suns themed weapon skin particularly looking nice).

However, the timing of this release was poor considering the state of the Phoenix Suns currently.

The Suns are currently in turmoil, after being swept in the first round by the young Minnesota Timberwolves team. In a flurry of rumors, including hints that Devin Booker or Kevin Durant may be traded elsewhere, Frank Vogel could be on the way out and the state of the financial situation, a Call of Duty collaboration is going to be met with some raised eyebrows.

The announcement was made in April that the bundle was on its way, however the timing of the release with the playoff exit is bound to give Booker some criticism from NBA fans. Having the bundle release before the playoffs or after the NBA playoffs concluded would have removed some criticism, however it is just poorly timed with the state of the team.

While releases such as content for games are planned in advance with timetables and already announced release dates, it still comes at a inopportune time for the Suns star, as the focus will be taken away from a collaboration that means a lot to him (showcased in the trailer Call of Duty released) and the focus will be put on the state of the Phoenix Suns and if Booker will still be a member of the team.

It is obvious the star has no control over when Activision decide to release the bundle and delaying due to a playoff series loss would not happen, it still mares the release of a bundle that fans of both the Phoenix Suns and Call of Duty franchises would likely enjoy.

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The bundle, titled the 'D Book Was Here' Bundle, is selling for 2,400 COD points in the game's store and features a skin resembling Devin Booker wearing a tuxedo suit (James Bond style), fingerless gloves and a beanie. The Suns weapons also look fancy, resembling the team's colors and Booker's career with the team.

While it may not be perfect timing for this collaboration, Phoenix fans will still enjoy the bundle and may be able to pair it up with Kevin Durant's cosmetic from the previous game if they own it. For critics, this is just another distraction to take away from the Phoenix Suns focusing on their issues on the court.