Who stays, who goes: Phoenix Suns trade deadline edition

Its trade deadline week, and we now have a good idea of each Suns player's chances of staying on the team, or being moved.
Phoenix Suns v Chicago Bulls
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Unlikely to be traded

Eric Gordon is as close to being a lock to stay while not being truly untouchable. He’s one of the Suns’ top minute getters and has recently been an integral part of their new death lineup. The Suns have several players on minimum contracts including Gordon, and his is at the bottom of the list if they need one to match salaries.

Whenever Jusuf Nurkić misses a game, it's apparent how important he's become to the team. Nurk's contract will be a valuable trade piece in the future as the years left on it dwindle, but for now there's no reason to trade him.

Bol Bol is out with an injury at the moment, but it looked like he had staked a solid claim to a rotation spot before he went down. He was showing flashes, most notably on the offensive end, and given his age and ceiling, is someone the Suns will want to continue to develop.

Josh Okogie's shooting ability may once again limit his playoff potential, but that weakness isn't nearly as glaring or exploited in the regular season. He's been a big part of the Suns' turnaround the last month, and they need an energizer like him to get through some of the regular season slog.

Keita Bates-Diop’s playing time is on the upswing lately and might be a sign that he's here to stay. The Suns' options on the wing are already so limited, and as we’ll see on the next slide, could become even more so. They badly need playable depth at that position, and Bates-Diop is the most likely player to provide that.

Jordan Goodwin is another one of the few young players the Suns have, and should remain with the team for that reason. He's the perfect player for Vogel to work with for another offseason to try and maximize what he can bring to the team.