Which Suns will pick up their player option for 2024-25?

The Phoenix Suns have four players who have a player option on their deals ahead of 2024-25, but which ones will pick them up and come back?
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The Phoenix Suns are going to enter the 2024-25 season looking much the same as they do right now. Franchise cornerstone Devin Booker isn't going anywhere, while trading Kevin Durant doesn't seem to make a whole lot of sense either.

Nice as it would be for the organization to explore the trade market for Bradley Beal, there wouldn't be a lot of interest in his services out there. On top of that, he also has a no-trade clause in his contract which makes moving the soon to be 31-year-old anyway.

The franchise is also going to struggle to get much better around the fringes - but in the case of four players currently on their roster - it is out of their hands anyway.

That's because Eric Gordon, Josh Okogie, Damion Lee and Drew Eubanks all have player options on their deals heading into 2024-25. In the case of all four it will be the final year of their current contracts, which is why they may walk away from The Valley a year early to try and negotiate a longer contract and more money elsewhere.

Of the four, Gordon is the only individual who will be making over $3 million anyway, but that is not the right way of approaching this if you're the Suns. They are in salary cap hell and need to make smart decisions with what little money they do have left on roster personnel. Will all four of these guys be back to help next season then? Let's try and find out.

4. Eric Gordon

Eric Gordon's case is an interesting one, because on the surface it makes a ton of sense for him to come back to Phoenix next season. He's playing for what owner Mat Ishbia considers a contender, and at 35-years-old he is approaching the end of his career.

There's no guarantee if he walked away from the last year of his deal he'd get picked up elsewhere, so coming back would seem the obvious choice for him. And yet... Gordon could likely get perhaps even more money to play somewhere else for even one season. Franchises like the San Antonio Spurs and on the rise Orlando Magic have more money they could give a veteran for a year of his services.

If longer term security is what he's looking for, then he could perhaps get a two or even three year deal elsewhere too. On top of that, Gordon's 2023-24 season wasn't without controversy. Although he settled into a rhythm in The Valley, there was a point early last season where he was unhappy with his role and vocal about it too.

The bad news for the Suns with Gordon is that they would struggle to find somebody else on the minimum who is capable of doing what he can. That is come off the bench with plenty of experience, knock down some open shots and even defend some bigger players for small bursts. Watch this space, because Gordon could yet be on the move.