Which Phoenix Suns are eligible for extension this offseason?

The Phoenix Suns have business to take care of this offseason, and deciding which of their eligible players to extend is top of the list.
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2. Kevin Durant (as of July 8th)

This decision is a lot more complicated than it perhaps should be, but Kevin Durant can tack one more year onto his current deal. The figure involved? A tough to swallow $59.7 million, at a time when Durant will be inching ever closer to being 40-years-old.

Why then should the Suns consider this? Durant just put up another fantastic season - and although he was outplayed by the much younger Anthony Edwards in the postseason - he's still one of the 15 best players in the entire league. Bringing him back in 2026-27 would jam the Suns' championship window open that bit longer, if it even truly exists.

Durant would surely be eager to sign this so as to lock in a ton of money so late in his career, but the Suns should think about this one. Bradley Beal will be entering the final year of his current contract in 2026-27, with a player option for over $57 million he is sure to pick up. So it's not like bringing Durant back to team with Devin Booker could mean a different third star necessarily.

Booker will also be making over $57 million that season and will have one year remaining after that on his current contract. He may be extended before then, but it's also highly likely he keeps his options open. If Booker hasn't won a championship by that point, how much is Durant and Beal back for nearly $120 million for a single season when both are even older doing it for him? This is one to watch.