What the Phoenix Suns starting line-up could look like after deadline

The trade deadline is approaching, and the Phoenix Suns could be lining up like this for the stretch run of the regular season by the time is is done.
Phoenix Suns v Dallas Mavericks
Phoenix Suns v Dallas Mavericks / Sam Hodde/GettyImages
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Shooting Guard

The shooting guard position seems locked up for the Phoenix Suns for the foreseeable future. Phoenix have two superstar shooting guards in their back court currently in Devin Booker and Bradley Beal.

This position should not change from either player, unless the team manages to secure a monster deal that sends Bradley Beal away from the team. With Devin Booker's recent performances, it is safe to say that he is not going anywhere.

Booker has been outstanding, with the superstar having four 40+ point performances in his last 10 games. He is showing that he is the primary scorer and the main guy for the Suns. The team would be wise to try and move him to the shooting guard position, where he will continue to be utilized for his scoring and have no need to worry about his playmaking.