What the Phoenix Suns starting line-up could look like after deadline

The trade deadline is approaching, and the Phoenix Suns could be lining up like this for the stretch run of the regular season by the time is is done.
Phoenix Suns v Dallas Mavericks
Phoenix Suns v Dallas Mavericks / Sam Hodde/GettyImages
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With the trade deadline looming, a number of teams will be looking to make moves to bolster their rosters for a championship push. There have been many big names rumored to be going to new places, with players such as Pascal Siakam and OG Anunoby already moving to new teams. Both moves have proven fruitful for the teams acquiring the stars.

The Phoenix Suns have had an interesting season, with the team struggling with injuries to star players and sitting with a disappointing record after just over half a season of games played. While they have had some outstanding performances from players such as Devin Booker and Kevin Durant, it would not be a surprise to see the team attempt to make some moves before the trade deadline.

There are likely to be rumors and reports for a number of teams surfacing as trade deadline draws closer, and it is expected the Suns will play a role. Whether it is adding more depth to the bench or making a change to some key players, the starting line up for the Suns could look very different in the near future.

Point Guard

The point guard position has been mainly manned by superstar Devin Booker, who is known for his play at the shooting guard position. While Booker has been terrific in the role, with his assist numbers going up, there are critics who believe the Suns need a true point guard to man the position.

NBA legend Kevin Garnett has made his thoughts clear about the Suns need for a point guard, even making a suggestion that the team should target Washington Wizards point guard Tyus Jones:

""“They need a point guard, bro,. That’s why that (expletive) looked like that, bro. They need a real point guard. Bradley Beal, let’s keep this real. Bradley Beal is a two. Booker is a two. Guess what they want to do? They want to score the ball, bro. I don’t want Booker coming down consolidating, I need that (expletive) cooking!... you know who Phoenix need to go get? [Tyus] Jones. … he is prolific when it comes to being effective and taking care of the ball. He does not turn the ball over, bro."

Kevin Garnett

Jones would be a good pick up for the Suns, with the point guard averaging nearly 13 points per game and just over 5 assists. He is effective at running an offense and would allow Booker and Bradley Beal to focus more on scoring.

Alternatively, the Suns could make a blockbuster move and go for a star player such as Dejounte Murray. However, this would either result in the Suns trading Beal to the Hawks or gutting their bench to try and get the star, which would not aid the team in the long run.