Victor Wembanyama gets expletive-filled reaction from Bol Bol in Suns win

The Phoenix Suns might have beaten the San Antonio Spurs, but Bol Bol wasn't having it when it came to Victor Wembanyama and the referees treatment of him.

Phoenix Suns v San Antonio Spurs
Phoenix Suns v San Antonio Spurs / Ronald Cortes/GettyImages

When we think of Bol Bol of the Phoenix Suns, a number of positive words come to mind. There is not a fan in The Valley or player on the Suns' roster that doesn't want to see the South Sudanese enigma succeed, and this season has easily been his best in the NBA.

It only took five seasons, but head coach Frank Vogel has figured out how to get the best of him. If you play Bol alongside a traditional center so that he can just hang around the perimeter with his insane frame, he can do enough to deter shooters from popping off. He might be a negative in the paint, but the fact he's playing at all is a minor miracle given how his career was going.

Bol is also a soft-spoken guy who appears shy when speaking to the media, but he broke character in Saturday's win over the San Antonio Spurs.

The Spurs of course have French phenom Victor Wembanyama in their ranks, and what is funny is that Bol has the closest body type to "Wemby" in the entire league. Not that their games are similar, but seeing these two anomalies out out the court together is certainly a sight to behold.

Not that Bol gets the same treatment from the referees each night, which is exactly what made him lose his cool in the matchup versus Wembanyama. Whereas Bol doesn't get a lot of calls, Wembanyama sometimes gets that star treatment whistle, although to be fair he's been playing like a star since basically day one. In the second quarter though, Bol had finally had enough.

Was that a foul from Bol on Wembanyama? We've seen them given alright, but it was certainly on the softer end of things. Even more so when you consider the NBA seemingly changed the rules on fouls after the All-Star break on the fly and without telling anybody, so as to combat the outrageous scoring feats that were happening on a near nightly basis.

Either way, that is not the kind of reaction we're used to seeing from Bol - and fruity language aside - it was nice to see him play with a bit of fire in his belly. Bol also finished the game with 13 points, four rebounds and a block in 19 minutes, as well as zero turnovers, and really the most impressive part of all of this is that he was out there for that long this late in the season.

Thanks to a jumbo lineup that coach Vogel is leaning into more and more - as well as Bradley Beal emerging as a true point guard for this roster - Bol is continuing to see minutes as the postseason edges closer. So much so that at this point, he is likely going to make the rotation when the playoffs start.

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Staying on the court to match up with Wembanyama is a vote of confidence for Bol, and fans will have gotten behind his thoughts on the referees giving the Frenchman so much love so early in his career. Then again, fans love everything Bol does for this Suns group, and that is not going to change anytime soon. That's another thing we can all get.