The 3 most disappointing players for the Phoenix Suns this season

The Phoenix Suns needed all of their players to pull their weight this season to succeed, and these were the three biggest disappointments.

Phoenix Suns v Milwaukee Bucks
Phoenix Suns v Milwaukee Bucks / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages
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The NBA's regular season is winding down, and the Phoenix Suns still have so much to play for. Their most recent win over the Denver Nuggets making it four victories in their last five, washing away the taste of losing to the San Antonio Spurs a ridiculous three times this season in the process.

With the Suns still not clear of a potential play-in battle, it feels like this season is ultimately going to end in disappointed for the franchise, relative to what their goals are at the start of year. Which was to win a championship, although superstar Devin Booker should get none of the blame for how this has all unfolded.

Unfortunately the same cannot be said for plenty of other players on this roster, with the following three the worst offenders.

As you will see, all are here for different reasons and that begins with the fact they had varying degrees of expectation placed upon them by this organization. Backup center Drew Eubanks for example is a divisive figure with fans in The Valley - and although he is limited in what he gives the team on the court - he still does just enough and has been what the team thought he would be.

3. Bradley Beal

Perhaps this is unfair on Bradley Beal - because when he has been fit - he has been exactly what the Suns have needed to be as their third option offensively. The problem there though, is that Beal has only played in 44 games so far this season, which is one of the key reasons the Suns are in a play-in battle right now.

When he's healthy, Beal has shown that he can even be the answer to the Suns' point guard question. But a combination of back, ankle, nose and hamstring issues throughout the season do not bode well for a 30-year-old player who is making over $157 million for the next three seasons after this year.

As we've said, expectations differ for each player on this list, and a lot more was expected of Beal this season given how much he is being paid, the fact he's a multiple time All-Star and the unknown length of the organization's current championship window. Having a no-trade clause that is still intact after landing in The Valley is something to keep an eye on in the background as well.

Really though what sums up the disappointment that Beal has been this season is this... he has been less important to this team than Grayson Allen. Yes it is fair to point out Allen is in a contract year and he's also never likely to lead the league in 3-point shooting percentage as he has this season again. But he's been a better defender, outplayed his own role and most importantly, he's been available.