Suns' star duo shock omission from latest NBA list

The Phoenix Suns have two of the top superstars in the league in Devin Booker and Kevin Durant, or so they thought.
Phoenix Suns v Dallas Mavericks
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Come on now - LeBron James/Stephen Curry/Anthony Edwards/Jalen Brunson

This is where Booker and Durant have to be split, but that's alright because they would have been split had they both actually made the list. LeBron James might be the best to ever do it, but Booker is better than him right now. He just is. It's much closer between James and Durant, but still a conversation.

Similarly with Stephen Curry, he's just an older player now and that's ok. He's still incredible, it is just that his presence alone no longer guarantees a ticket to the playoffs. Booker's does and the same is probably true of Durant although again, with the latter it is certainly a conversation.

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Edwards possibly shouldn't even be here at all, and plenty of people would take a 22-year-old with a rocket strapped to his back on the way to the top over a hobbled Embiid. If you'd rather take him over Booker or Durant - having swept the Suns out of the postseason - then there's not a lot of comeback on that.

Jalen Brunson might be your favorite player's favorite player, and he's made the New York Knicks so much fun again. But let's see him have close to the level of consistency and output as either Suns player over the next three years. Not even a conference finals appearance in New York to his name yet, his inclusion over Booker and Durant appears premature.