15 People who turned their backs on the Phoenix Suns

These former Suns did not leave on the best terms.
Phoenix Suns, Robert Horry
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9. Steve Kerr

Many fans know Steve Kerr as the head coach of the Warriors dynasty. They forget his five championships as a player, including three playing next to Michael Jordan on the Bulls. Kerr was a deadly shooter before it became popular and played for 15 years in the NBA. After retiring, he became part owner and general manager of the Suns.

Kerr joined the organization in 2004 but took over as GM in 2007. The Suns had just lost to the Spurs in the second round of the playoffs. Arguably his biggest move was trading for Shaq, which did not work with head coach Mike D’Antoni. Phoenix quickly pivoted after missing the playoffs in 2009. The following year, the Suns were back in the conference finals.

Then, it was over. Kerr left in June 2010. There were rumors of a contract dispute, but Kerr denied them. He walked away just before the draft, and the Suns quickly fell apart. They did not make the playoffs again until 2021. Just when it seemed like Kerr was building something special, he was gone. Kerr returned to broadcasting before becoming head coach of the Warriors in 2014.

This was certainly a gut punch. Steve Kerr abruptly walking away set back the entire organization, and he certainly turned his back on the franchise that drafted him back in 1988.