15 People who turned their backs on the Phoenix Suns

These former Suns did not leave on the best terms.
Phoenix Suns, Robert Horry
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2. Robert Horry

There are few people Suns fans hate more than Horry. Big Shot Bob was on some of the best teams in NBA history. He won seven championships and became known for his clutch shot-making. Horry won a title with three different organizations, but his 32-game stint in Phoenix is often forgotten.

He had two rings before arriving in Phoenix in 1996 in the deal that sent Charles Barkley to Houston. Horry was a starter from the moment he entered the NBA, but his playing time decreased with the Suns.

Phoenix fired Cotton Fitzsimmons after eight games and made former player Danny Ainge head coach. Horry and Ainge had beef from his playing days, and it carried over. Horry threw a towel in Ainge’s face during a game, which was the beginning of the end. He was suspended and traded after less than five months in the Valley of the Sun.

Suns fans' hatred for Horry grew over the years and reached its peak when he took a cheap shot at Steve Nash in the 2007 playoffs. Big Shot Bob is loved by three fan bases, but not in Phoenix. He turned his back on the Suns and was a thorn in their side throughout his 16-year NBA career.