Reassessing the three major Suns trades at the halfway point of the season

The Phoenix Suns have made some big trades to get to where they are today, and enough time has now passed to assess how each have impacted this franchise.
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Beal To Suns

It was always going to be hard for this trade to be anything but a major win for the Suns. Beal being hurt for the early part of this season shrouded just how well they did by acquiring him, but now that he’s back it’s clear as day.  

He’s an elite three-level scorer who has taking a ton of pressure off Booker and Durant while acting as the focal point of the offense at times. He's also done surprisngly well on defense and on the boards too. All told, Beal's fit with the team is as seamless as everyone hoped.

CP3 accomplished so much for the Suns in his short time in Phoenix, but his stint in Golden State this year has illustrated exactly why it was time to move on. Paul has been declining for several years now, and that’s continued in his first season with the Warriors. He's putting up career lows across the board while his efficiency has dropped.

Still, the "Point God’s" playmaking is something even Father Time hasn’t been able to take away from him, as his assist to turnover ratio is as pristine as ever. Paul's ability as a floor general is something that the Suns definitely miss.

Paul’s play was just one part of the equation for trading him however. The other, bigger factor is his availability issues, which has plagued him his entire career and is doing so once again. Paul is currently on the injured list with a broken hand that’s going to sideline him for about two months.

Beal’s dealt with his own share of injuries over the years and this season, but CP3 consistently got hurt in the biggest moments for the Suns, and he wasn’t getting any younger. Taking your chances with the younger, and now better player was the right call.

Shamet’s numbers are about in line with where they were in Phoenix, which is to say his production is still not justifying his contract. The Suns being able to move off both those contracts for a legitimate star-type talent in Beal was a coup.

The addition of Jordan Goodwin shouldn’t be understated either. He might be out of the rotation at the moment, but his play in Beal’s absence was a big reason why the Suns didn’t fall completely apart. Goodwin is still young and could be a factor for the Suns going forward, either this year or next.