Ranking all 14 Phoenix Suns contracts from bargain to nightmare

The Phoenix Suns are in a difficult position with their cap sheet, and some of their contracts are scary to comprehend over the next few years.

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1. Bargain contracts

Thaddeus Young: The only reason Thaddeus Young doesn't find himself in the nightmare category, is because he was a buyout guy and may end up having a quick stop in The Valley at basically no cost to the team long-term. He hasn't really played much as of yet - but if he has even a single notable playoff moment - then Young will justify his selection here.

Nassir Little: The beauty of Nassir Little's contract, is that it runs for three more seasons after this one, but never surpasses more than $8 million in a single season. That kind of long-term deal on not a ton of money is exactly what the Suns will need in future trade talks, making Little's deal possibly the best on the whole team. He's definitely worth more on their cap sheet than anywhere else.

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Kevin Durant: Maybe Kevin Durant's deal should have been a middle of the road selection. After all he's 35-years-old, has had some major injuries and is making over $50 million over the next two seasons after this one. Then again, this deal will quickly start to become an expiring - and as long as Durant plays for the Suns - they are considered championship contenders. That's priceless.

Devin Booker: It doesn't matter that Devin Booker is a monster deal that will reach over $60 million in its final year in 2027-28. He is the jewel in the crown, the face of the franchise and the player who the Suns are building around for the rest of the decade. It doesn't matter what it costs, you pay him. The fact he hasn't even hit his peak yet, is just another reason this will forever be a bargain.