Ranking all 14 Phoenix Suns contracts from bargain to nightmare

The Phoenix Suns are in a difficult position with their cap sheet, and some of their contracts are scary to comprehend over the next few years.

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2. Middle of the road deals

Drew Eubanks: Backup center Drew Eubanks is a divisive player, with plenty of fans feeling he isn't good enough to see big minutes. Then again, he's in the first of a two-year, $5 million deal and has shown he can play spot regular season backup minutes. He may be moveable down the road and does a job for the team on a fair deal, keeping him out of the nightmare category.

David Roddy: Forward David Roddy works for the Suns for several reasons, and the fact he's only 22-years-old means he could be one for the future. But if they decide to move in another direction - and really Roddy hasn't seen much run so far - the next two years on his deal are team options. So the flexibility afforded by his deal allows the Suns to move in different directions and on their terms.

Josh Okogie: It would be fair to say the Suns may have outgrown Josh Okogie, despite the service he has given the franchise. It's hard to believe he started for the team on opening night, and his limitations offensively are obvious. He may come back next season as he has a player option - but even if he does - the Suns could both find room for him and also move him as an expiring.

Eric Gordon: The addition of Eric Gordon has been a success for the Suns - and after a shaky start where he questioned his role - he has turned into the veteran they needed him to be. He can start, defend high-level scorers and knock down a couple of shots from deep of his own, and all for just over $3 million this year and next, which is a team option that he is likely to take at this point.

Grayson Allen/Royce O'Neale: Grayson Allen has been incredible for the Suns this season, and his contract is easily a bargain. Except he's an unrestricted free agent this summer - and although owner Mat Ishbia has said all the right things about bringing him back - their cap sheet means they may not be able to do so. Royce O'Neale is in the exact same situation, which makes them leaving a threat.