Ranking all 14 Phoenix Suns contracts from bargain to nightmare

The Phoenix Suns are in a difficult position with their cap sheet, and some of their contracts are scary to comprehend over the next few years.
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If there is one word you could use to describe the Phoenix Suns and how their roster is built, then it is top-heavy. They have three superstars in Devin Booker, Kevin Durant and Bradley Beal, at a time when the league has trended more towards two stars, with better depth alongside them.

Despite this, owner Mat Ishbia and the front office have done a really nice job this season of filling out a roster of guys who can help their stars on any given night. With Beal having missed considerable time already and Booker out at the moment with an ankle sprain, these role players have stood up and been counted when the organization has needed them the most.

Despite this, one look at the contracts on the Suns' books and it is easy to become worried at the direction the franchise is headed after this season.

Not that all of their deals are bad - if anything the Suns will wish that a couple ran longer than they actually do - but making all of them work together while remaining competitive is a tough balancing act. Which makes putting together a list of all of the contracts (not including two-way deals) on this team from worst to best not only daunting, but important to see which direction they are headed.

As long as they have three players making superstar money the guys around them are always going to be of a certain contract type, but to this point that has not really been a problem. Head coach Frank Vogel doing a wonderful job of making all of the pieces at his disposal fit. Strap yourself in though, because this one could get ugly...

3. Nightmare contracts

Bradley Beal: A tough place to start, but there is little doubt Beal is the worst contract on this team. He's 30-years-old, has missed basically half of this season already, and is making over $50 million for the next three seasons after this one. If he's not playing, that's going to be tough to shift down the road.

Jusuf Nurkic: Center Jusuf Nurkic should not find himself here, as he's having possibly the best season of his career. He is also only owed $37 million across the next two seasons after this one. If he stays healthy, then putting him here is foolish. But the Suns are one injury away from being stuck with this guy on a decent sized deal, and his healthy history to this point has to be considered.

Damion Lee: Despite only making just over $2 million this season and next, Damion Lee's contract is holding the Suns back because he hasn't played all season as a result of injury. With a player option on his deal you can bet he'll take that and come back, hampering the Suns from adding another minimum guy in Lee's place. A fan favorite, but taking up valuable space and money for this team.

Bol Bol: A nightmare for an entirely different reason, in that Bol Bol is an unrestricted free agent this summer. How much should the Suns pay him to come back? Will they do that? Is he worth more to them than to anybody else given that he's start to figure the game out in The Valley in his fifth season. But if they pay him some money to come back, will he regress? Lots of questions, no answers.