Predicting the Suns' perfect starting lineup after ideal offseason

If Phoenix pulled off their dream offseason, this is what the starting lineup could look like on opening night.
Kevin Durant, Grayson Allen, Phoenix Suns
Kevin Durant, Grayson Allen, Phoenix Suns / Kevork Djansezian/GettyImages
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Point guard: Kris Dunn

And now, we get to the most up-in-the-air position in the starting lineup. As previously explained, the Suns will be largely handicapped this summer due to their self-created financial constraints. They will not have the ability to bring in more big names, which frankly will be to their benefit. Instead, they will have to seek out cheaper options that they are willing to boldly invest in for the long-term.

One option they should be seriously considering is the Utah Jazz's Kris Dunn. Far from the most talented point guard in the league but also an extremely underrated player overall, Dunn has made it back to producing at a consistent level in the NBA after being forced to miss significant time due to injuries earlier in his career. He is a tough defender and reliable catch-and-shoot guy, and his defense would be much appreciated on this roster.

Heading into a summer where he will be an unrestricted free agent, Kris earned just $2.5 million with the Jazz this past season. His stats do not exactly blow you away at a surface level, but this is absolutely someone Phoenix's management should have their eyes on. The Suns could get him for cheap, and he would be able to get their best players the ball in more ideal scenarios, potentially opening up their offense even more.