Predicting the Suns' perfect starting lineup after ideal offseason

If Phoenix pulled off their dream offseason, this is what the starting lineup could look like on opening night.
Kevin Durant, Grayson Allen, Phoenix Suns
Kevin Durant, Grayson Allen, Phoenix Suns / Kevork Djansezian/GettyImages
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Power forward: Kevin Durant

When it comes to the power forward spot, there is little reason to move Kevin Durant anywhere else. He is coming off yet another spectacular season wherein he was the 1B scoring option right alongside Devin Booker.

Durant enjoyed his first season since 2021-22 where he finished in the top 10 for MVP voting. His 75 games played and 27.1 points on 52/41/85% shooting splits were plenty of evidence that he has yet to fall off in terms of on-court production. Operating inside and outside the three-point line, KD was once again a massive ceiling-raiser for the Suns' offense.

The problem that we saw develop over the course of this past season concerning Phoenix's big three was that they can be a bit synonymous at times. In essence, Durant, Booker and Beal are the same player copied and placed on the floor three times. While you may look at the types of players they are and say that is a good thing, it actually ended up limiting what the Suns could do at times.

However, Kevin was never the issue. He continued being a methodical operator that produced at both ends of the floor and did everything he could to will this team to wins. It is other positions on the floor that could use some tweaking.