5 Suns who won't last the entire season in Phoenix

Phoenix Suns, Jusuf Nurkic
Phoenix Suns, Jusuf Nurkic / Kyle Ross-USA TODAY Sports
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2. Grayson Allen

Assuming their three stars are off the table, the Suns could make Grayson Allen available as a salary-matcher in a deal. He is on an $8.9 million expiring contract.

Allen is having arguably the best year of his career. He averages 11.8 points, 4.6 rebounds, and 2.9 assists in 32.8 minutes. The 6’4 wing is shooting a career-high 48.6 percent from the field and 46.5 percent on his threes. He is a career 39.9 percent long range shooter, but Allen is taking advantage of the space created by Kevin Durant and Devin Booker. He is third on the team in minutes per game and filling a key role so far.

The questions have always come about Allen’s defense. The Suns have a 118 defensive rating with him on the floor this season, and he has produced a 0.0 value over replacement player (VORP). Do the Suns search for an upgrade? Their defense ranks 18th and should have zero issues scoring with their three stars on the floor. Getting enough stops is the key to the Suns making a deep run.

Grayson Allen’s contract could have him on the trade block before the deadline, and he figures to be joined by the Suns starting center if Phoenix is searching for an upgrade.