Phoenix Suns stats update: Point Booker shoring up issues

Devin Booker has returned for the Phoenix Suns, and fixed some of the statistical trends we covered early in the season.
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3. Role players separating themselves from the corner

With more than a quarter of the season already in the books, along with role players playing more than expected, we have a pretty large sample size of who’s excelling at the corner three.

Eric Gordon leads all of the Suns’ ancillary players, hitting 75 percent of his shots from the corner. Grayson Allen is next up, at 50 percent. It’s no surprise to see the Suns two best role players leading the pack in the most important category for those players. 

Somewhat surprisingly, Jordan Goodwin has excelled from that spot as well, shooting 45 percent. He’s had to play a much bigger offensive role than expected thusfar, so that’s a good sign that he’ll be able continue garnering minutes if his role becomes more simplified when Beal returns.

It’s no coincedence that Nassir Little has found a spot himself after not playing much early on. He’s quickly made himself comfortable, hitting 40 percent of his corner threes.

Yuta Watanabe has brought his percentage up slightly to 35 percent, but is still weirdly struggling out there considering the looks he’s getting. His minutes have started to dry up, and that could be a reason why, as he doesn’t provide much outside of being a marksman.

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The two Suns struggling the most from the corner are Keita Bates-Diop and Josh Okogie. They’ve had their chances at 20 attempts each, but are shooting just 20 percent and 25 percent, respectively. They still bring a lot to the table aside from that, which is why they’ll continue to get their chances with players out. Still it’s hard to see either of them remaining in the rotation when the Suns are whole if it those numbers don't pick up.