Phoenix Suns stats update: Point Booker shoring up issues

Devin Booker has returned for the Phoenix Suns, and fixed some of the statistical trends we covered early in the season.
Memphis Grizzlies v Phoenix Suns
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2. Durant excelling from deep

Of all the early season anomalies, Kevin Durant’s three point shooting was most obvious one that would turn. He’s raised his percentage of 28 percent in the first four games, all the way to 50 percent on the season. Even for one of the best scorers of all time that’s a pretty crazy mark, and he’s done it while also bringing his attempts per game up to 4.6 from 3.5. 

It's clear that Booker has been a big part of this turnaround as he's taken a ton of pressure off of Durant by allowing him to play off-ball more. Having Booker set up Durant instead of the Suns less playmaking-inclined supporting cast has also been huge for Durant's efficiency and attempts.

It’s actually fair to wonder if there’s some kind of correction due in the opposite direction with efficiency like Durant's, especially since almost half of his three attempts are when he's facing tight coverage.

That’s where Beal’s return can have the biggest impact. Durant should get even more open looks with Beal on the floor, so even if he starts to miss some of those tightly contested attempts, he'll be able to keep his percentage high with the increased amount of open looks.

Beal can also help Durant take even more threes. Durant's mark of 50 percent leads the entire NBA for players attempting 4 or more threes per game. Yet, his 4.6 attempts rank 101st in the league. He should definitely try to take more once Beal returns and he starts playing off-ball more. Even if his percentage dips a bit it'll be worth it since anything above 40 percent from three-point range is elite.